Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Time time time time time.

It's like no matter how well we divide things up, there's never enough time in the day to get it all done.

I can't even find a place to start with to describe how fast time can truly fly. 24 Hours a day simply isnt enough. But then again. If we had more hours in the day, we'd probably end up with not enough time anyways.
No matter how much time we have, we always want something to last forever, or for something to just end already.

So then I guess a question that might come up is this:
Does time drive us? Or do we drive time?
At first glance, I realized how odd this question might look.
We? Humans? Driving time? How can that be possible?
It might not even be possible.
But I heard this very interesting theory about time.
"Time doesn't exist, time is only perceived as the relevance of the situation to your mind."

So perhaps you're having a good time, with great people.
If you're having an awesome time you can assume that the time will fly by very fast. And why is this?
This happens because since you're enjoying it so much, your brain speeds up the perception of the events in order to keep up with what's going on.
Now let's say you're having one of the most boring nights of your life.
Time will go by slower because since there is not much going on, your brain has no reason to speed up in order to keep up with any events.
But I still haven't come up with an explanation as to why time might seem shorter when say you're in a hurry or something.
Maybe it's because of the anxiety to get to your destination fast, your brain speeds up all processes around you.
Of course this all might just be a true load of junk since we got satellite clocks and all that jazz.
But even with the clocks, I'll check my phone sometimes and still be like, "Dang! Where'd the time go?"

On that note, I have always wondered where time goes when it's been "wasted."
I see time as an object that can manifest into a sort of shape or form, like per say the wind.
Time is flowing all around us in different speeds and waves of frequencies allowing us to actually take them and then live through events with different speeds and times.
So then perhaps if you waste time, that certain manifestation of time is now utterly gone.

Again, all that I have said up before could be complete junk.
I mean yeah, we have the hardcore Sun moves at this speed at this rate therefore we have seconds, minutes, hours, days etc.
But it's interesting to think about time not truly existing.
To just think about how maybe the one driving force for us to get so many daily activities done could simply be a difference in situations.

The one thing I hate most about time though...
Is definitely how controlling it can truly be.
If you wanna see some of your friends, but you live too far away from them or something, chances are you won't get to see them.
Same with like cool stores, or bands, or just thing like that.
If it takes up too much time, then it's a nope!

On the other hand,
Time can be a great thing.
Time heals all wounds.
Eventually all the bullet holes and knife wounds shall be mended,
And you'll have a life's worth of scars written across who you are as a person.
Standing against the odds of time makes you strong, and when you can beat time at its own game, you have this feeling of accomplishment that's like,
"Yeah! I got everything done on time and I STILL have tons of it to spare."
You know?

Time is also deadly, literally.
With each passing moment of the clock, we're another moment closer to death,
And eventually we will reach our own ends of time.

That's another thing I've always wondered about,
What will happen when time itself is put to an end?
I mean it's got to all end sometime, it just has to.
Or then again it's time, it might not have to.
But if it does end, what happens?
Where does everything go?
Does it all just go blank?
Questions questions questions.
So many questions,

And so little time...


  1. Time could end when Jesus returns... but then again. we could have a sense of time in the new earth and new heaven. in that case, time could never actually end. either of the two... i think