Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And as boredom begins to take over my life..

I'm so bored..
It's like 7pm,
And I'm stuck at home.
Watching the food channel..

I haven't been doing anything productive for hours.. literally.

I guess I'll just write free..
Right here.
Right now.
Why not?

Oh, circles, circles.
Gratifying circles.
Running me in circles 'till my legs give out.
And when legs give out,
The lungs give in too.
The towel hits the mat,
No need for round two.
But I thought I was a fighter?
With that killer lefty hook?
I traded lips with the knockout,
One blow was all it took.
So I'm not the best fighter.
But I still got some fight.
Pull myself off the ground.
One more for me tonight.
It's a battleground you see,
Tactical moves, strategy.
Gotta be eight moves ahead,
Or surely you're beat.
But what game might you ask?
What contest? What about?
What requires so much thinking?
Would you say it out loud?
And I would and I will.
I feel we've waited long enough.
It's a war zone out there.
When you're waging it with love.
'Cause they got bullets for the lovesick.
We only got knives.
Better get out quick,
If you want to stay alive.
'Cause heavy hearts are still a burden,
Be they happy, be they sad.
No matter what its filled with,
The weight can be a drag.
Look to your fellow soldiers,
And maybe you'll find the one.
Who fights the same fight as you.
And perhaps lends you their gun.
And with your finger on the trigger,
You realize the strangest thing.
This certain boy or girl,
Causes your heart to sting.
But its not the sting of a bullet,
Or pain that digs in deep.
But a sense of calm serenity.
A sudden rush of sleep.
And while you're on the battlefield,
They bring you perfect dreams.
By the time you wake,
They've become your everything.
So now this is no war,
That's being fought just for yourself.
Your scrapping for them.
You'd rifle through the seven layers of Hell.
The demons and the ghosts,
Of memories eat away.
But you've got no room for then to stay.
As if a cleansing rain from Heaven,
Fell fourth from clouds on high,
Wash over all your fears,
Wave off the lonely goodbye.
So now this war is over,
And the sun shines again.
And the one you love has you in their hand.
Running circles around them.

Hm, well I'm done.
That was interesting.
Wrote and edited, and reread, and re-edited in like.. 2 and a half hours.
That's a really short time..
So this probably isn't good..
But whatever,
I got bored.

Opinions are appreciated (:


  1. i'm in the same boat.
    i've been sitting around doing nothing. -_-

    you write really long poems and i have a short attention span. lol but they're good. (:

  2. Lol, its very boring. We should have youth at like.. 5. Ahahah. Not 7 -.-

    Yeess, idk why they're all so long. Hmph.
    Gracias (: