Thursday, August 18, 2011

im an awkward person.

took that picture (:
it's blurry but for some reason i really like it.

omg fright night with david tennant comes out of friday!
who wants to take me to see it? (;


i don't know what this post is really gonna be about.
i can't really think right now.

i really wish it would thunderstorm.
i need something calming like that.

the smiths will do for now.
i don't know why, 
but lately ive been REALLY obsessed with them.
ive always liked them and all,
but lately i'm all
i'm weird.

I'm also really upset that i can't find my charger.
literally, i left it in the wall by my kitchen table when i left for church,
came home..
it's no longer there..
i really honestly think it jumped out,
and ran to some unknown place..
just cause it knew i would want it when i got home..
like seriously.

what the heck is going on with the world!?

i'm in a really weird mood cause of the day.
my mom came home from cleveland, yay. 
then it was normal.
except those couple perfect moments where nothing happened. 
like really.. 

i don't think my brain functions correctly.
i think it likes to make me wait for the most unperfect times to do things, to do them.
and when the perfect ones come along..
it says "HAHAH. NOPE"


i'm such an awkward person.
either that or awkward situations just pop into my head a lot.
and when i'm about to say something i really need to say..
it just has to get all silent so i can't..
i was gonna whisper it.
but then i was like, or not,
maybe he wont hear me,
then it'd be super awkward.
when he's like oh what'd you say?
and then other people listen in?
even though i know he'd know what i said.
but still.
that wouldn't happen..
but, those of who who don't know me..
i over-think..
more than I really should.

but i honestly think that these things i'm thinking,
these unspoken words,
need to be said.
and we say that all the time.
not in person, of course.
but we think them,
and we say them through electronic devices,
and we whisper them across cities to eachother.
but they need to be said when were together,
while im in your arms for the moment,
during those times when i catch myself staring at you and i'm thinking them anyways.

so i've made my decision.
not gonna say it right now..
but i do know.
and hopefully i see you again this week.
i will.

i'm done with this shyness, awkward, nonsense.
and it's funny how,
it's like we know exactly what eachother is thinking.
were you thinking the same thing in the dark piano room?


 OH, and those of you who have skype.. lemme give you a little tip,
when you video call someone,
and they press DECLINE 
the first time,
that DOES NOT mean:
call 429857494720358 more times,
just to get declined everytime.
get the hint.
so on that note, i have a headache.
goodnight, blogger.
here's some random pictures.


He really does.
A lot.


  1. the first picture looks like the flowers are made of lights. i like it! (:

  2. oh thank you!
    yeah that was a complete accident picture! lol, but i like it too!