Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazed, Dazed,

Another poem, I'm not really sure if I like this one..
It's more depressing-ish-er than most of my other ones.
I don't really know the meaning behind it..
Or do I?

Crazed, dazed
Demented ways,
fueled by selfless addiction.
Crazed what he says
set in a demonic dimension.
Crawling around and looking up,
looking to pull me down in a sick level.
I resist and get there blank stare,
all that I gave them was another devil.
Broken and weary, 
there was a realization of some other fear.
Someone that was above us all,
feeling a rain drop or tear.
It was them all as one,
as a part of the rooms only left attempts at feeling.
I guess we see others,
worse off helps them in dealing.
It's all nonsense you create,
and even others will participate.
It's all a cycle,
where there's only love and hate.
We're all going nowhere but to one another,
to spread our emotion,
To get our revenge,
to spread our devotion.
It's all for the sense we crave,
and what we'll do not to be the only one.
Show others that we don't like what it means,
to have the only self nonsense grown.
So we got this division of self,
and a piece of nonsense was given to our divided one.
To live beside one another,
knowing that even this divided state won't help us