Monday, August 15, 2011


You know when you look up,
at the sky on a dreamy summers day.
You see big white masses,
a floating in the sky.
Yet as you look,
they look so much alike,
its hard to believe.
When you look again,
they've taken a different shape.
Some are white,
some are gray.
and some maybe black.
It's funny how clouds,
can be intertaining.
how amazing the way they move,
lazily across the sky.
On a lazy summers day.
You can lay on the green grass and watch the floating clouds,
making animal figures amoung themselves.
As they float,
passing by.
It's funny how clouds can be intertaining.
Clouds can give you a warning,
that a storms coming.
It's not funny,
but interesting how clouds can be intertaining.