Monday, August 8, 2011

Jump in a Jar of Glitter

Welp, I didn't post a poem or song yesterday.. or the day before that..
So sorry,
I've been having a very emotional, crazy, awesome week to be worrying about that.
But i gueeeeeeeeess I can post one now, so here it is (:

I wrote this more recently,
and I'm really proud of it.
I actually like it (:


I jump in a jar of glitter,
To see if maybe I could shimmer,
And maybe shine.
All the time.
Like you do when you smile,
Or dance among my mind at night.
This cavern I've tucked,
Beneath my skull.
At times can be,
Awfully dull.
My brain's a prison,
People rarely visit.
Yet I find you there, 
In my waking minutes.
And also those in when I sleep.
So desperate am I inside my dreams.
Frankly, you are always on my mind.
But you're heavy so if you would be so kind,
Exit the stage from mouth or sides.
Before this tongue is knotted from rhymes.
Before this gets too tightly tied.
Before my heart is terrified.
And have me frozen,
Locked in place.
Like when I was afraid,
In my childhood days.
Of spiders, knives, and things unknown.
And the things I should have never been shown. 
So I hid beneath the covered side,
And heard all the others,
Come pass by.
They whispered secrets,
Of childhood galore.
Secrets that aren't,
Secret anymore.
Now I've grown up,
Merely older by age.
It seems my perspectives,
Have all stayed the same.
And my outlook on the world,
On meaning,
On you.
Have been so consistent.
Even if I changed other views,
'Cause even if the window panes,
Shatter and they fall.
The scene outside you're seeing,
Will not change at all.
So I'll tilt my head and crane my neck,
For one more glance or two at best,
To try and see inside your head.
To understand just what you said.
Could you say that,
There is no hope?
So I don't hang,
Tight to this rope.
Just let me tell you that there is no chance,
The unsolved,
Has driven me mad.
I need closure, but you left me hanging.
Where's my composure?
It seems to be lost.
In thought.
In moment.
Breathe for a second.
The rhythm of inhaling,
Has turned on me.
A weapon.
A pistol, a gun.
Pointed maliciously,
Right at my lungs.
A time bomb that's ticking,
Right in my heart.
Waiting for the hour,
To tear me apart.
Your words are denotation,
But what you don't say is worse.
The lack of your clarity,
Is cutting in with every verse.
The way it digs,
The way it hurts.
I swear I've known before,
Familiar I'll tell,
I've tasted so well.
Is right back at my door.
You're an angel yet you torture me.
But I know you don't mean to try.
You've driven me off insanity,
Still I haven't learned yet to die.
So I'm stuck at the bottom of this cliff,
In the wreckage of this car.
It had no set of brakes equipped,
It drove a little far.
So now I'm bloodied and bruised.
And I'm battered and abused.
From the nights I have spent awake,
Searching for the answers that,
I will never find but I,
Don't know how to give it up.
So I still dare to ask and try.
And maybe one day I will learn,
the things that I still haven't seen.
That I have not yet unearthed.
But I'll save the big words for later,
And start with the ones that are a bit little.
And I guess I'll begin my search,
By jumping into a jar of glitter.

Opinions are appreciated (:


  1. This is very cool. =)

  2. whoa. somehow i didn't read this.
    it's really cool. almost gave me shivers actually.

  3. whoever this is about should feel very lucky to have a great writer like you in their life...