Sunday, July 29, 2012


some songs that i've been so obsessed with.. 

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.


Sort of a short stort, kind of.. I don't really know what it is.
I actually don't even remember when it was that I wrote it.. 
Just sort of forgot about it and just found in in my Word docs..

Long, long ago, Earth was wandering among the stars in the deep black. She was alone and scared, until she found Light. With Light, Earth glowed with brilliant colors and warmth, dispelling her fears of the unending darkness. Because of Light, Earth no longer needed to wander, and she nestled herself against Light and the two anchored each other in place. Now, Time was a jealous man. He was the eternal being of the darkness and he was furious that Earth and Light dare refuse his control and that they dared stop traveling the cosmos through time. In his fury, he ripped apart as many extensions of Light that he could find, throwing the universe into a deeper darkness. But Light was everywhere, and despite Time’s destruction, fragments of Light were spared and littered across the vast, black sea. Thus the stars were born. But after his long travel, Time finally reached Earth and Light. He demanded that Light tear himself apart from Earth so that Earth may continue to roam. The two of them refused, exclaiming that they loved each other. Alone and bitter, for Time outlasted everything else, he cursed them both for holding onto each other. He held Light tightly and tore him into two. The larger piece became the Sun, and the smaller became the Moon. To punish Earth, he allowed her to stay anchored where she was, but took a hold of her and spun her violently. He cursed her and admired her altogether. In his loathing, he told her that she would forever spin in circles, and that when she faced the Sun, she would burn up with Light’s love for her, but after awhile she would have to turn away and feel the same cold loneliness, the same cold darkness that Time had to face. And thus the Day and the Night were born. And with his curse, Time fled to the deepest of the darkness at the center of the galaxy. Sun, being so far away from Earth, wept for he could no longer hold her close and that his light could not kiss her skin right away. But Earth smiled back and reassured him that Time had not won, for when she faced away for the night time, Moon would glow with the light from Sun. And so by Day, Earth reached towards Sun with beautiful green leaves that grew even closer to him with the wind. And by Night, her oceans crashed towards Moon in hopes of catching a taste of Sun’s light. Regardless, wherever she was, Earth was not alone. She would always have Light.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

haha, i'm emotional.
one minute i'm all happy.
and the next i'm crying.
being a girl is stupid sometimes. haha
i don't know why i'm blogging this though.
i want to go to the zoo and dance in the rain and read a book on the beach.
that was random.
i feel sick.
sort of.
dreams are weird.
i had a scary dream last night.
like, scary scary.

p.s i hate acne and i wish it would die right now just saying

please read the disclaimer first.

Tonight has been weird. Like, really weird. And somethings have reminded me of this poem. Not that tonight I felt the way I did when I wrote this, because I don't think I could ever feel this way again, but just memories.

Disclaimer: I wrote this poem a little before Sophomore year. I had not been saved, and I pretty much thought that my life was just spiraling out of control. So there are some curse words in this that I could block out of it, but without it, the poem doesn't have as much feeling as it should. Did. So don't mind those, I am very sorry if they offend anyone. And parts of this is quite, I don't really know the word for it, I guess it just get's quite vulgar in more ways than just the language. It talks about things that a lot of people would consider quite obscene. But to those that don't like those things, this is just a warning that they're there. And to those that know me, and well everyone, I don't think like this about myself anymore. And I don't use this language. But when I wrote this, I did. Obviously. 


Let me have your attention.
As we begin this session.
Lie down please,
Get comfortable.
This won't pass with ease.
Look inside your head,
And all the things you did.
Were you even thinking?
It's like the light bulb was never lit.
Burned out,
You've burned out this time.
It's sensational,
Once again,
You've done it grand.
Messed up,
Screwed up,
Fucked up,
Where is your head?
C'mon, where is your head?
Oh you blame it on the chest?
I confess,
I understand,
But that's just an excuse at best.
And all your self-loathing,
And self-directed anger,
Cannot compensate the fact,
You've put so much in danger.
You're not thinking straight.
Don't ask for pity,
Just wallow in self-hate.
Forgiveness won't come easily,
Nor in any real dosage.
For all the misled actions,
Now here comes a token.
And sure you can blame the fact,
That you're so completely enamored but that,
Won't you get you out of it this time.
Especially how you always whine,
That your heart deserved it.
Your heart deserves shit.
That's what you get,
For the way you handled everything.
So blind in determination,
Now where will you find salvation?
You only deserve damnation,
Possibly physical elimination,
From the minds of those,
That you've done wrong.
If this were music,
It'd be a siren song.
You're confused,
And wanting,
I understand.
But what you've done,
Is haunting,
You can't take it back.
Take it back.
I bet you wish you could.
And back in time, I wish you would.
But you didn't.
So that's where the problem comes.
It's embarrassing that you never learn.
You're a second hand sinner, the last song to sing.
Back it up, back up for everything.
Damn it all,
And damn it again.
There you go,
Smashing it all to bits.
Are you satisfied?
With the damage you caused?
Yeah I thought so,
I thought not.
What's inside your skull?
Is there even something there?
Or is it simply a cave,
Covered by your hair?
We all wish you would.
Fucking disappear.
Perhaps you should.
You're thick and narrow minded,
And honestly I despise it.
I despise every inch,
Every atom,
Every cell.
Don't you dare ask for reprieve,
When you deserve this hell.
What's gotten into you?
Who have you become?
You're turning into the person,
You've hated since day one.
I hope that guilt settles in,
Like a rock in your stomach.
And I hope to God,
You never recover from it.
I hope it ties to your ankle,
Like an anchor out at sea.
And your lungs start to burn,
As you swallow everything,
That you said,
Didn't say,
And should've said.
You've become a poison,
I can't let you spread.
If you sleep.
(Because sleep shouldn't be a guarantee.)
I hope you dream,
Of every little scene.
Every little moment,
Where you got lost in your own self.
And I hope you wake up,
With this feeling,
In the bottom of your gut,
That throws you in a rut,
And keeps your mouth shut.
I hope you wake up,
With this feeling,
That clings to you like a ghost.
And tortures you because,
You tortured those you love most.
Thank you for your attention.
We have now concluded this session.


Again, this was written about two years ago. My head wasn't really on straight at the time, and this is how I vented. Poetry. And yes, I used to think like this, and I used to be quite messed up. But with help, I am no longer that way. 
Now, this doesn't mean that I don't struggle with anything, because believe me, I do. 
Sometimes I get so caught up in my past, and I think about why this all even happened,
but I need to learn to let it go,
because I am NOT that person anymore.
I am trying to not be so hard on myself though.
And I'm making progress,
slowly but surely. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

something in the stars.

so i realized that i literally haven't posted a poem in ages.
i wrote this like, a few months agoo.

There's something in the stars,
Tonight they gleam,
So devilishly.
In this vastness,
Across blackness,
What are we?
The question skims,
And scans across the,
Electrical signals,
Epiphany tingles,
In the backs of our heads.
What is our place among the cosmos?
We are human,
So fragile,
So mortal.
We live in a deception that,
Nothing but us,
Can escape the inevitable death,
That is the follower of creation.
Listen to the drumbeat,
Of the night sky.
Does it lie?
Tell me,
Does it lie?
The diamonds you see,
Have most likely,
Long since died.
Eons later,
Are we seeing their light.
Not even the stars,
So iridescent,
And temporary,
Can outrun the clutches,
The black hole,
Of the end.
There is an end.
For everything,
And everyone.
Stand on this planet.
Kiss the air,
And caress the wind.
What are you finding?
The echoes of an impending fortune,
Read the day we took our first steps.
Everything ends.
Everything ends.
We fight battles,
Every moment of consciousness.
But that doesn't give us confidence,
Because who can be confident?
When they are staring the truth in the eyes.
It does not lie.
It is a whisper in the skin,
And a screaming in the bones.
That we left from someplace else,
And one day we'll come home.
I cannot tell,
If it is in another time,
Or ours.
But tonight I can feel something different,
There is something in the stars.

opinions? c:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

oh, and it seems that i was able to cross a couple things off of this list :b