goals to keep my soul whole.

(previously named My Bucket List.)
So guys, 
I was looking through a notebook from school, 
and I found this!  
It's my bucket list! 
I think we had to make one for an English project or something, 
But it's really interesting, 
and since it was made in school, 
some of the things I may have accomplished, 
Most I have not. 
Anyhoo, have a look (:

1. Visit all 7 continents, including Antarctica

2. Fall in love

3. Marry someone swell.

3. Never get divorced.

4. Go on a spontaneous road trip.

5. Visit all 50 states. 

6. Write, sing, and sell at least one song.

7. Move to England, at least for a little while.

8. Go to a comic-con (I'm gonna add this part now: AND MEET DOCTOR WHO CAST!)

9. Get 100 Tumblr followers (now I'm gonna add BLOG FOLLOWERS)

10. Visit Times Square during New Years.

11. Catch fireflies in a jar.

12. Go on a Missions Trip

13. Climb a mountain.

14.Run (and complete) a marathon.

15. Go stargazing.

16. Sleep under the stars.

17. Learn to play piano by ear.

18. Meet 5 different bands.

19. Master a new language.

20. Make a significant change in someone else's life.

21. Make someone else's dream come true.

22. Feed a Koala bear.

23. Stay in a 5 star hotel.

24. Get signed.

25. Get invited to speak at an event.

26. Get invited to speak at an event overseas.

27. Fall asleep in someone's arms.

28. Be on tv at least once.

29. Create a blog.

30. Stand under a waterfall.

31. Teach a class.

32. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

33. Volunteer somewhere in Africa.

34. Sleep in a castle.

35. Tour a candy factory.

36. Take a mind-reading class.

37. Explore a cave.

38. Make a delicious, original recipe.

39. Skydive.

40. Walk the red carpet.

41. Dance in the streets and get a bunch of people to join.

42. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger.

43. Wear colored contacts.

44. Whitewater raft.

45. Get a tattoo.

46. Make a handmade gift.

47. Hold a monkey.

48. Visit a rainforest.

49. Write a love letter.

50. Watch turtles hatch and run to the sea.

51. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise again.

52. Bake a cake from scratch.

53. Join a circus.

54. Apply for a reality tv show.

55. Get my Christmas shopping done before December.

56. Go to a book signing.

57. Get a massage.

58. Visit Pompeii.

59. Carve my name in a tree.

60. Don't go on Facebook for a month.

61. Buy a star and name it.

62. Jump in a pool with all my clothes on.

63. Go somewhere highly populated and hold up a sign saying "FREE HUGS"

64. Find a four-leaf clover.

65. Swim with dolphins.

66. Stay a while with my family in Mexico.

67. See the Northern Lights.

68. Knit a scarf.

69. Create my dream home.

70. Be vegetarian for a little while.

71. Be vegan for a little while.

72. Fly somewhere 1st class.

73. Fly in a helicopter.

74. Tell my parents I love them randomly.

75. Learn fluent sign language.

76. Kiss someone in the rain.

77. Think positively.

78. Go wing walking.

79. Gamble no more then $20 in Vegas.

80. Walk the Great Wall of China.

81. Learn to crochet.

82. Complete p90x
(this was something really random before, and i don't really care to do it anymore, it was like "buy designer shoes" or something stupid like that.. so i changed it to this :) ) 

83. Ride an elephant.

84. Zipline

85. Karaoke

86. Have theme music follow me around for a day.

87. Walk across a desert.

88. Celebrate Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

89. Participate in a flash mob.

90. Donate blood.

91. Donate hair.

92. Fire a gun.

93. Scream as loud as possible on a cliff.

94. Get a "New Years Kiss"

95. Get CPR certified.

96. Experience a lucid dream.

97. Capture lightning in a picture.

98. Crowd surf.

99. Build a sandcastle.

100. Make a difference.