Tuesday, October 9, 2012

can't sleep. neck hurts. wrote free verse.

I've always wanted to fly to the Moon.
But always the engines, turned on too soon.
Before I broke through gravity,
I tumbled and fell.
Right into the arms,
Of an undercover Hell.
Disguised as romance,
With a mask made of smiles.
Only fools like me,
Wouldn't see through the guile.
Despite lack of chances,
And such failing perceptions.
I'm perfectly flawed,
With insane imperfections.
Unafraid to leap.
Chasing after beauty,
After completion,
Running after him,
With no sense of direction.
Lost in thought over thoughts long lost.
Already banked the win,
Before the coin was tossed.
Like a disease spreading through my veins.
Drenching me as if I were in pouring rains.
Drown me in an ocean.
In the sea of your eyes.
Lie to me and say,
That you love me tonight.
Quoting lines from songs so cliché,
Just quoting lines, nothing original to say.
And to say I was afraid,
Was an understatement at the least.
When basic survival penned you down as a need.
So here I am now.
Scribbling in my room.
One pen stroke away,
From an ink laden doom.
Dining on the words,
And sipping from the pen,
Only you could get,
The tip to move again.
So break me into pieces,
Though I swear you already did.
Pray that I don't need this,
I was such a foolish kid. 
Thinking I could maybe fly, a rocket to the Moon.
I'd never get to lift off, if it meant not having you...

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