Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kicking it old school.

Kicking It Old School was one of my favorites to write, and the meaning is pretty evident, but i had fun putting a play on the old, blank and blank sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g, hahaha. It's really back-upy.. as in.. there's a lot of back up for if someone's singing... Lolol.. It's kind of ironic I guess that I found this, I wrote it a whilee back while watching a tv show about marriage, and its like... really oddly perfect. Hahah.

Well, enjoy (:

Were still very young,
With the future on our minds.
We got our hearts on the counter to exchange for the other
Got a mailbox spilling out,
(Every single love letter.)
Stay young, stay down,
(Stay in love forever.)

(And we got our)
Fingers laced like a new pair of converse.
I must admit,
(Admit that I love him)
You and me
Sitting in that tree
M-a-r-r-y m-e?
(Just marry me)

I can wait until, the wounds all heal,
I can wait until, wait until
(I'm at your heels we gotta run away now)
(Darling won't you watch the world rise with me?)
(Take a moment take a breath and just lie down with me)

(And we got our)
Fingers laced like a new pair of converse.
I must admit,
(Admit that I love him)
You and me
Sitting in that tree
M-a-r-r-y m-e?
(Just marry me!)

(Fingers laced)
Hearts without a trace
(Fingers laced)
Lost in your embrace
Fingers laced as you marry me,
Sitting in that tree

(And we got our!)
Fingers laced like a new pair of converse.
(Fingers laced! Fingers laced!)
(And we got our!)
Fingers laced like a new pair of converse.
(Fingers laced! Fingers laced!)

You and me
Sitting in that tree
M-a-r-r-y m-e?
(Just marry me!)
Just marry me...

Isn't that ironic that I wrote that like... a whileeee ago?!?  Hahah.
Opinions are appreciated (:

An Untitled Free Verse

This is supposed to be for yesterday technically,
But its past midnight so it says Sunday :(
I don't really know what this one is about..


By pen, I see the world differently.
The words reflect,
Moments unseen.
And lost.
So brilliantly, effortlessly,
Tossed into the water.
Tensions burn hotter.
Like magnets we are,
But same poles pushed together.

Through nights,
Do I catch fire.
Heated by romance,
Cooled by the realization.
That hearts do not care,
Often are they insincere.

So as to calm myself.
I look.
Out past my window.
The stars gleam without worry.
But stars,
Often do not suffice.
When you've gazed upon,
A perfect set of eyes.

Oh dear,
Might you silence these pains?
With a swing of that scythe.
Everything to lose,
And nothing to gain.
A simple cliche,
Reversely remarked.
Could easily be the start,
Of insanity dribbling from my lips.
And utter nonsense,
From weary fingertips.

Let's see how much time,
I might waste with these meaningless lines.
Word after word,
It's the same stuff you've heard,
Since day one you've read.
How I'm muddled in the head.
And shattered in the heart.
The point to listening, tell me?

Am I worth it?
To be expressed through these syllables?
Or are girls like me,
With carefully measured rhymes,
All too typical?
Nowadays it seems,
These musicless melodies,
Is how hearts are stolen.
And how hearts are broken.

Opinions are appreciated(:

Friday, July 29, 2011

God bless.

I actually wrote this one one night at camp. Its kinda like a long, rhyming prayer :)


God bless the sinners.
God bless the saints.
God bless the father trying to set things straight.
God bless him for trying before it's too late.
God bless the mother juggling two jobs.
God bless her struggles because her man walked out.
God bless the child who hears the screaming at night.
God bless the sister who jumps into the fight.
God bless the summers that are so warm.
God bless the lover that makes a house a home.
God bless the jacket that keeps out winter cold.
God bless the wisdom earned from getting old.
God bless the bread that comes out perfectly toasted.
God bless the coffee that's ground and perfectly roasted.
God bless the sunrise for how pretty it looks.
God bless the grass for a perfect place to read books.
God bless the pills that put a fever in its coffin.
God bless the syrup that holds back all the coughin'.
God bless the hands that press the toilette to your head.
God bless the fact that they'll sit there by your bed.
God bless the photos even when they fade.
God bless the memories and emotions that they gave.
God bless the dying and those already dead.
God bless the roses on their gravestones oh so red.
God bless the soldier in a war that can't be won.
God bless his wife as she cries alongside her son.
God bless the president because he's trying his best.
God bless the innocent even though they're at unrest.
God bless the music that calms these tortured souls.
God bless the notes that makes these people whole.
God bless the empty as they try to find their way.
God bless the sun, the moon, the night and day.
God bless the time we all so hastily spent.
God bless the fact that sometimes we don't repent.
God bless the heroes for a service towards the world.
God bless the people they saved, the little boys and girls.
God bless the parents that give their children hugs.
God bless the teens that deny the booze and drugs.
God bless the people that speak with words and actions.
God bless the people that can show only compassion.
God bless the friends with their uncontrolled laughter.
God bless the smiles that are shining bright long after.
God bless the poet for all the things that she has said.
God bless the readers for all that they have read.
God bless the little bird as it wakes early and sings,
"God bless the people that feel blessed for little things."

Opinions are appreciated (:


are entertaining.
Wouldn't you agree?
When sitting alone,
turn on the tv.
watch commercials.
They could seriously be a
cure for boredom.
At least for me.

Right Jeremiah? (:

But then they are eventually going to end.
Then it's back to the show.
Maybe you're watching
an interesting show?!
I'm not.
(so you think you can dance)
It's usually very interesting to me.
I dunno why it's not right now.
I'm probably really tired.
I really don't feel it at all. 
It's 114 am.
I should be tired..
Most people are probably
dead asleep
by now.
Not me though.
Of course not. 
How can one sleep through such beauty?

There's a spider on the phone?
Why would there be 
a spider on the phone?
That would certainly be annoying.
"hello mister spider, would you please get down? I'm TRYING to talk on the phone!"

I gotcha.

Not like that.


no one else knows what I'm talking about.

I need a life.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heavy hurricane.

Poem for today :)
It's free verse, and
It's kind of really long,
So I don't mind if you don't finish it,
It's probably no good anyways.
It's only Summer,
yet I'm so cold,
I'm only fifteen,
yet feel so old.
Grandeur, galore, and beautiful wonder.
Trickled into heads from rolling thunder.
They all speak of the eerie calm,
That settles in before the storm.
But what of all that follows after?
The aftermath of lightning chapters.
Is there chaos?
Burning bright.
Or stillness creeping,
in the night.
The thoughts escape me as I write.
My fingers wither as I type,
These words they drizzle,
Pour, and pound.
Mirroring rain,
its glorious sound.
As it taps against my window panes,
It reminds me why I'm up again.
Thinking of you at two am.
It's hard to sleep when my mind's a mess,
And my head is clothed in its Sunday's best.
It runs to church to pray for rest,
But will my screams even be addressed?
For so long they have gone and fallen flat.
Just like I did for you,
imagine that?
Here I lay,
staring up and on my back.
So many hours to think of you,
and wish for that.
That moment when the light bulbs dings,
Or the second your "Eureka!" 's sing,
That you have found the ship to take.
And to smile and joy shall we both sail.
Alas a dreamer always dreams to big,
We break so quick,
a simple twig.
I crunched and cracked beneath your foot.
Nights of sleep wasn't all you took.
I was robbed of sense of common thought.
For at the time you were,
all that I sought.
And still now,
I dare to seek.
All that might,
glitter and gleam.
To say you sparkle,
It's a sham.
To say you blind,
Makes much more sense.
I bet you chew diamonds with that smile,
And burn out Suns,
as you beguile,
All that wander upon your eyes.
A voice that breathes,
sweet lullabies.
In seconds one could melt like ice,
But glamorous words do not suffice.
To paint you would be mortal sin,
You can't be captured paper thin.
3-D, reality,
Oh the idea's insanity.
And there they go,
Thoughts spinning fast.
But with a little more control.
Yet I know it won't last.
I'm two steps too low,
And thirty over my head.
Sadly there's no cable car,
To whisk me from my bed.
Could I fall in the canyon?
Would you follow suit?
I'd hope you stay on the tree,
My forbidden little fruit.
A little East of Eden,
Paradise too far.
I almost had hands on the Moon,
But pricked my fingers on the stars.
Curse all these metaphors,
And down with the similes.
What good are they for?
These words are only mocking me.
As they sit atop the tree,
On branches where you softly sleep.
My golden apple,
I do need.
To escape my own calamity.
But for all that I believe,
Is what has kept you far from me.
Now as the rain it howled and lightning lit,
It brought me back to where I sit.
With hopes so dull and faith so dreary,
My eyes and arms that were so weary.
Pained themselves to stay in motion,
So that I may give you my notion:
What if I didn't hold you down?
And tear you away?
What if you could hold your hopes?
And never stray?
Then maybe we could make this work?
Then maybe I could close this hurt.
That wound that bled,
that never healed.
The void that opened,
and never sealed.
I mean just look at how its left me now,
I've spit these words for about an hour.
I ask, just end this storm,
Be my calm after rain.
Because right now,
You're my hurricane.

Opinions are appreciated (:

Growing up

"ohh, I don't wanna grow up, wish I never grown up. Could still be little. Ohh, I don't wanna grow up, wish I never grown up. It could still be simple."-Taylor Swift Never Grow Up

Cabbage Patch Kids.
Gameboy Color.
Nintendo 64.

I bet you're reading this, and looking way back to when you were younger.
I bet it's kind of hard to remember some of this stuff for some of you.
And I bet for those of you who do remember, you're smiling goofily to yourself at how awesome being a kid used to be.

Most of us now are in our middle teens; 14, 15, 16, 17.
And we're forgetting. Forgetting fast.
What exactly are we forgetting?
The things that we used to love, but now throw away cause "it's for babies."

Think back for a moment,
You're 7 years old sitting in your couch watching tv.
It's a bright Saturday morning in the Summer and you're sitting on your couch with a bowl of cereal.
Most probably Lucky Charms for the marshmallows or Cap'n Crunch or something along those lines.
It's well before 9 a.m. but you're sitting there waiting to watch those good ol' Saturday morning cartoons.
Or perhaps it's a Friday night and you're excitedly awaiting the new episode of Spongebob. A commercial comes on for the new Pokemon movie in theaters and you want to see it at midnight but it's past your bedtime. Or the new Cali Barbies are starting to appear and you just have to have one.
Fast Forward
You sleep in past 11, get up and groggily grab a pop tart from the fridge or maybe pop some bagels in the toaster. You end up taking the food to the computer and sitting there for like an hour on facebook. You read someone's status talking about Saturday Morning Cartoons and snicker at them.
You've "grown up" now and you think that Spongebob is a waste of time. Barbies are for little girls. Pokemon is for five year old boys or really nerdy Asians. And you're not gonna wait out at midnight for some animated movie, oh no, instead you wanna go see the midnight premiere of Twilight.

What happened?
To the things we used to love? So many of us simply just shrug them off.
"Oh no, I'm too old for that now...." BOLOGNA. You're never too old, never too old to make time for the things that you used to love as a kid.
Im not gonna lie here, I love Spongebob and know just about every episode by heart.
yeahhh I wanted to get the star wars happy meal toy!
I'm not ashamed of my past, like so many people are.

Seems nowadays, everyone's in a rush to grow up.
You wanna be 16 to drive.
Be 18 to get out of highschool, to vote, to move out, to have adults get your opinion on things.
Be 21 to drink. (Ew not me, but you get the jist.)
And a lot of people. They're hitting these ages and life starts to suck for them. They lose their friends, school gets tougher, the real world starts to hit. And they with they could go back to the simpler times.
Don't we all?

It's ironic.
How when you were 5 years old.
You saw the highschoolers getting off the bus at like 4PM, usually nap time for you and you think to yourself,
"Man, I wanna grow up!"
And then now it's "Gosh, I wish I was back in elementary when you got A's for solving 2x6!"

Don't get me wrong though.
Growing up itself isn't a bad thing.
Simply forgetting your past is.
They say don't dwell in the past,
But why not? Without the past we'd have no present. Without the past we couldn't prevent ourselves from make thing same mistakes.
Without the past we wouldn't be who we are.

So you know what I say to all those people out there who scoff at cartoons? and at Pokemon? and all our little kid toys?
I say YOU grow up. Grow up and learn to embrace the past as you used to live it.
That is all. :D

Everyday Superhero.

This was supposed to technically be for yesterday, Tuesday.
But it was posted past midnight.

"Everyday Superhero" I thoroughly enjoyed writing. It's a song that anyone can put into their own experiences, cause we all have that person or people in our lives that are legit everyday superheroes and super heroines. And without them we'd be lost to the tragedies and unfortunate events in our life. It's a song that highlights the fact that simply being there and doing all you can as a human being within your powers is good enough for some people. So here's to my everyday super people. :)

But anyways, here it is! 


"Everyday Superhero"

This city's too dark,
So dear, won't you smile for me?
I've lost my way around,
Lead me down the right path.

Cause some days I know I'm the villain,
Frankly speaking I don't know what I'm saying.
That's not me talking that's the bad seed.
But the apple's good.

And I find myself pulling closer to you.
I'm like the tides. You are the Moon.
Oh, I think I'm in trouble what should I do?
The danger's live, should I call in soon?

You're an everyday superhero.
You don't need a costume or a cape.
And I heard that masks were for suckers.
Oh, Darling you're always in the right place.

This city needs saving,
So dear won't you save me?
I've lost my sense of balance,
Will you catch me when I fall?

You say that you can't fly at all.
But when I'm with you, I swear I soar.
You're not a bird or an airplane,
But the sky's yours.

And I find myself pulling closer to you.
I'm like the tides. You are the Moon.
Oh I think I'm trouble what should I do?
The danger's live, should I call in soon?

You're an everyday superhero.
You don't need a costume or a cape.
And I heard that masks were for suckers.
Oh Darling you're always in the right place.

Come on and take me high.
Save me from everyday life.
Come on and take me high.
Save me from everyday life.
Come on and take me high.
Save me from everyday life.

You're an everyday superhero.
Cause everyday you make things bright.
You're an everyday superhero.
Who are you saving tonight?

Not my best,
I don't think i have a "best", haaah.
But I do actually kinda like this one (:

Opinions are appreciated (:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Bucket List.

So guys, 
I was looking through a notebook from school, 
and I found this!  
It's my bucket list!
I think we had to make one for an English project or something, 
But it's really interesting, 
and since it was made in school, 
some of the things I may have accomplished, 
Most I have not. 
Anyhoo, have a look (:

1. Visit all 7 continents, including Antarctica

2. Fall in love

3. Marry someone swell.

3. Never get divorced.

4. Go on a spontaneous road trip.

5. Visit all 50 states. {14/50}

6. Write, sing, and sell at least one song.

7. Move to England, at least for a little while.

8. Go to a comic-con (I'm gonna add this part now: AND MEET DOCTOR WHO CAST!)

9. Get 100 Tumblr followers (now I'm gonna add BLOG FOLLOWERS)

10. Visit Times Square during New Years.

11. Catch fireflies in a jar.

12. Have kids one day.

13. Climb a mountain.

14.Run (and complete) a marathon.

15. Go stargazing.

16. Sleep under the stars.

17. Learn to play piano by ear.

18. Meet 5 different bands.

19. Master a new language.

20. Make a significant change in someone else's life.

21. Make someone else's dream come true.

22. Feed a Koala bear.

23. Stay in a 5 star hotel.

24. Get signed.

25. Get invited to speak at an event.

26. Get invited to speak at an event overseas.

27. Fall asleep in someone's arms.

28. Be on tv at least once.

29. Create a blog.

30. Stand under a waterfall.

31. Teach a class.

32. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

33. Volunteer somewhere in Africa.

34. Sleep in a castle.

35. Tour a candy factory.

36. Take a mind-reading class.

37. Explore a cave.

38. Make a delicious, original recipe.

39. Skydive.

40. Walk the red carpet.

41. Dance in the streets and get a bunch of people to join.

42. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger.

43. Wear colored contacts.

44. Whitewater raft.

45. Get a tattoo.

46. Make a handmade gift.

47. Hold a monkey.

48. Visit a rainforest.

49. Write a love letter.

50. Watch turtles hatch and run to the sea.

51. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise again.

52. Bake a cake from scratch.

53. Join a circus.

54. Apply for a reality tv show.

55. Get my Christmas shopping done before December.

56. Go to a book signing.

57. Get a massage.

58. Visit Pompeii.

59. Carve my name in a tree.

60. Don't go on Facebook for a month.

61. Buy a star and name it.

62. Jump in a pool with all my clothes on.

63. Go somewhere highly populated and hold up a sign saying "FREE HUGS"

64. Find a four-leaf clover.

65. Swim with dolphins.

66. Stay a while with my family in Mexico.

67. See the Northern Lights.

68. Knit a scarf.

69. Create my dream home.

70. Be vegetarian for a little while.

71. Be vegan for a little while.

72. Fly somewhere 1st class.

73. Fly in a helicopter.

74. Tell my parents I love them randomly.

75. Learn sign language.

76. Kiss someone in the rain.

77. Think positively.

78. Go wing walking.

79. Gamble no more then $20 in Vegas.

80. Walk the Great Wall of China.

81. Learn to crochet.

82. Complete p90x
(this was something really random before, and i don't really care to do it anymore, it was like "buy designer shoes" or something stupid like that.. so i changed it to this :) )

83. Ride an elephant.

84. Zipline

85. Karaoke

86. Have theme music follow me around for a day.

87. Walk across a desert.

88. Celebrate Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

89. Participate in a flash mob.

90. Donate blood.

91. Donate hair.

92. Fire a gun.

93. Scream as loud as possible on a cliff.

94. Get a "New Years Kiss"

95. Get CPR certified.

96. Experience a lucid dream.

97. Capture lightning in a picture.

98. Crowd surf.

99. Build a sandcastle.

100. Make a difference.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Daydreams are best around twenty past ten.

"Daydreams Are Best Around Twenty Past Ten" came after I finished the song actually. I wrote the song the night before, and then the next day I was daydreaming about the message of the song in class. So I tacked on the title since the song was previously untitled.

It's been forever,
My mind has been racing.
Summertime moments,
left in the wasting.

Three years left behind,
all for the taking.
Daydreams that break,
at ten in the morning.

Where did the time go?
Where are we now?
We are so close,
But somehow, we end up so far.

Chasing reaching, days are escaping.
Turning screaming, memories are vacant.
Let's take the months and choke them to death.
Smile and laugh 'til we run out of breath.

We'll find a way to figure out.
How to disperse, these thunders and rainclouds.
We'll have it all in our hands,
We have to figure out our plans.

Time! Time time time.
Never really kept up to pace.
With the race that we're running,
Burning to numbing.
Missing the feeling,
of always belonging,
We've always been longing for more!

Where did the time go?
Where are we now?
We are so close,
But somehow, we end up so far.

Chasing reaching, days are escaping.
Turning screaming, memories are vacant.
Let's take the months and choke them to death.
Smile and laugh 'til we run out of breath.

Come on come on!
Let's get after it,
We'll catch the good times at our fingertips.
Life will bow down to us at our toes.

Come on come on!
Let's get after it,
We'll catch the good times at our fingertips.
Life will bow down to us at our toes.
Let's take the months and choke them to death.

Take all the memories and fill up our heads.
Forever leave an empty space in our beds.
Stay up all night and sleep in instead.
We'll smile and laugh 'til we run out of breath.

Ta da!
Opinions are appreciated :)


 "Well at night I watch the sky to find a shooting star. If that's what I have to do to be right where you are. Whoa-- oh oh oh oh. Whoa-- oh oh oh oh oh. You love fairytales and the thought of growing old. And we'll have a happy life that's how our story goes. So I might be what your looking for."- Chris August, Campfire Song.

This all came about while talking last night to Jeremiah, 
I think that's the first time I actually said his name on here :)
Here's his blog, if you're interested,
its good :)

Has anyone else ever gone into crazy future mapping mode?
I have.

Mapping out my future.

Falling Fell in love.
this can be crossed of the list, 
it's here, and will be in the future as well (;
With the same person as right now.

My wedding.
i can see it now, 
not the biggest wedding,
yet not the tiniest,
just filled with close friends and family.
not to mention, he'll be there (: [obviously]
and he won't be sleep-walking through it.
A ceremony which consists of processional
the kiss,
and recessional,
with very little in the way of readings, songs, and other "little extras."

Who it's with.
hmm, I wonder, (;

Where it'll be.
somewhere pretty, 
flowers, maybe
I'm thinking outdoors, 
I like love being outside.
I don't need a fancy reception, 
to me it is stuffy, unnecessarily costly, and not as fun. 
i just want to celebrate getting married and bringing our families together, 

Where we'll live,
Gorgeous, wonderful, England.
I think we'll fit in well there.
He's somewhat of an anglophile.
That's alright though :)

What will I do?
In life? hmph,
don't ask me. 
I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life at the moment,
hopefully something musical,
or artistic,
whatever it is..
no China.
And no softball. ;)

What will he do?
Probably Most likely something that has to do with writing,
he's an amazing writer.
Like, forreals.
Writer/Actor (if he can act ;) ) for Doctor Who?
I'll act alongside as his companion;)

How we will spend our Friday afternoons.
just sitting, outside, looking at stars, drinking tea.
*seeing shooting stars,
not wishing for anything 
because wishes would not be necessary.*
Everything I want would be right there, 
with his arm around me.
That's why lately I haven't had any wishes,
I'm completely happy with life
right now. 
*and we'd watch doctor who... 
and sleep on the couch we'd be sitting on,
due to temporary fear of shadows.*
*...* = not my words, but completely true.
glad we're on the same page (: 

 There's so many other question's that I can't even begin to answer,

What will make me laugh?
What will I be most grateful for?
Will I have a family? 

How will I make a difference in this world?
All in all,
A pretty solid future, I must say.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bright Side.

"Bright Side" is a song i wrote for a friend (and for anyone really) who finds that the world has gone dark and there's no reason to keep on going. It's a song of hope for the hopeless. :)

Although it probably still needs work.

Look on the bright side,
He says, "I don't see much."
Maybe you need a brighter bulb?
We'll shop at every store.
And we'll fill this empty room.
This vacancy could use some happiness.

This world is a freezing place and,
Hindsight says it knows no mercy.
No doubt it will tear you up.
Won't hesitate to rip you apart.
With a hunger it will chew you to pieces.
And it don't matter it will spit you out
Yeah this world is a freezing place.

But know,
That on the other side.
I could promise you there is a light.
You're not alone.
There are people by your side,
That will fight your demons at night.

Look forward,
He says, "We're going nowhere."
Are you sure the lens is clear?
We'll wipe off the glass,
With the ruins of our past.
Tomorrow never looked so nice.

This world is a freezing place so,
Bundle up, bundle up.
No doubt it'll break your heart.
Won't hesitate to hold you down.
With a lust it will steal your hope.
It'll try and force a frown.
Yeah this world is a freezing place.

But know,
That on the other side.
I could promise you there is a light.
You're not alone.
There are people by your side,
That will fight your demons at night.

You're never as single as you dare to think you are.
Even when you're by yourself there are people not too far.
I know that you feel numb but this will be the spark.
When it seems like it's the end it's only just the start.

So know,
That on the other side.
There will always be a light.
You're not alone,
I am always by your side,
I will fight your demons at night.

Opinions are appreciated.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Poetry and lullabys.

I've finally decided to get the guts to share my poems and songs.
I don't know why the title says lullabys.
Mostly poems that want to someday become a song,
It's much easier
to write a stanza than a chorus.
In my humble opinion.
One a day.
One poem or song a day.
Here's the first one for you guys..
It might be bad,
for it was written about 4 months ago.
It's kinda far into my book of poems.


Time stands still
But only for a moment
Flowers, they blossom
But then wither into the ground
The sun brightens each day
But then falls suddenly into dark
Life is full of temporary moments
Joys and happiness to instill hope
Inevitably, reality comes knocking
And suddenly reminds us;
that which lives, must inevitably die
I know the laws of inevitably
But still I hold out for hope
I'll drink my coffee, hot and fresh
Before it turns cold and stale
like life's temporary moments

Enjoy. :)
Opinions are appreciated.

silence and thunderstorming.

It's late,
well not late for me, but for many others; this is late.
for some reason i feel dizzy,
must be this headache,
no one else is up
the house is silent
what a glorious and mysterious thing
i don't believe in it too much though.
there is never silence
there is always sound that we cannot hear
sounds attuned to only those truly alive at night
so much is to be heard in silence.
while it is silent here, 
a hundred miles away there is noise,
across the Earth there is an explosion,
throughout the universe there is life and death
but there is not total silence.there shall never be total silence.
even now, as the house is silent
outside Mother Nature blows her might upon the Earth
outside it is not silent,
With the way the lightning brightens up the sky 
Its like they are dancing as they show, 
As the thunder roars to show who's boss 
are beautiful, wouldn't you agree?
someone once told me, 
if they could describe me in one word,
it would be 'thunderstorm'.
i feel like that's the greatest compliment I've ever received,
ever will.
I love to watch the rain 
strike some objects outside,
it is amazing to think
this miracle happens worldwide.
it's late
I should probably go to sleep.
^i did not take above picture.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am having a terrible day :(

1. I feel weirdly sick.
2. Random not-goodness.
3. I keep over thinking. (why do I always do that?>.<)
4. Had to babysit a long time.
5. Couldn't find the softball field so therefore was late for the before game practice.
6. Didn't get one hit because of the stupid umpires calling strikes that are either above my head, or almost hitting me.
7. There's no food.
8. My house is basicallyyy infested with flies.
9. I have to wake up super duper early for more softball >.<

Whaaat is going onnnnn?!?!?!???!! :'(

soul searching.

Think for a moment.
Just think.
Forget about everything else.
And just think.
Think. Think. Think.
How often in a day, do you just sit down and think?
While you're in the shower?
On the way to school?
Before you fall asleep?
Or do you even think it all?

What do you think about?

The world? Family? Friends? Love? Yourself?
For a moment.
Focus on yourself.

Who are you?

And don't just give me a name. Really. Who are you?
Do you know? Can you say? Do you remember? Have you forgotten?
We have lost our identities.

Think of when you meet a new person for the first time. I met someone new today.
You're having a good time and you're talking and such. Then they ask you the dreaded question:
"So tell me about yourself?"
Why do the majority of us freeze up?
We forget what we like, what we hate, what makes us smile, makes us cry.

So tonight. Forget the world.
Open yourself up.

Start simple.

What's your favorite color?
Colors mean so much to us. We remember things by how they look.
Their vibrancy, their lack of luster.
What does this color mean to you? Is it associated with good feelings?
Or are you trapped and haunted by the colors of your past?

What do you like to do?
We are creatures of routine, but we all have things we enjoy doing in our free time.
Free time. What do you do when the clock is endless?
I can bet, so many of you are reading this, itching in your seat about all the things you should be doing instead.
Give your inklings some rest.

What's your favorite song? What do the words mean?
What do the words mean to you?

What's your favorite flavor?
The world is full of flavors. Some we love. Some we dislike very much. What fancies your tongue? What could you eat endlessly?
What's so good that you're hoard it all for yourself? And what's tasty yet not as blissful that you'd share it with friends?

Who is your best friend? Do you have more than one?
When's the last time you told them you loved them? When's the last time you took a moment to appreciate how much they've done for you? Have you been as fair in returning their relentlessness care for you? Do they even care for you? How much do they truly mean to you? What would you do for them?

What would you do for the world?
How's your morality? Is there anything you've done that you regret? Are there things you have done that you wish the world could know about? Do you feel like your actions mean nothing? Or do you want to change this planet?

How are your emotions?
Are you happy? Are you sad?
Do you need a break, or are you headed for a breakdown?
When's the last time you cried? Were they tears of joy? 
Do you love anyone?
How much? Is it real? Is it fake? Do you even believe in love? Or do you feel so alone?

What's the single most greatest event to happen directly to you in your life?
What was the worst?
Do the scars still hurt? Are the wounds reopened? Are the graves revisited?

Say the words "I love you."
Now say it again.
One more time.
Was there anyone that came to mind instantly?
Who was it?

How often do you feel invisible?
How often do you think you're invisible to yourself?
How often do you look in the mirror and not recognize the person that you see?
How often do you wonder about much you've changed?
How often do you wish that someone would ask how your day was?
How often would you tell them that you're fine?

How often are you actually fine?
How often do you want to tell that person that was kind enough to ask that you're at the edge of breaking?
How often do you wish you had a hand to pull you back?
How often do you scoff at the people who can't handle their own situations?
How often do you think people are weak for wanting help?
How often do you think about how lucky you are to not be plagued by such problems?
How often do you think about the baby that was born? The couple just married? The girl who just died?
How often do you think about yourself in relation to others?

How often do you sit down and think,
"Who am I?"

Sit down. Think about it. You'll be amazed at what you find.

^I did not take the above picture.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


in McDonald's with some amazing people.

Well, for starters.. a week ago, we (insanely cool group of teenagers and two adults) came to the same McDonald's and overreacted about the fact that they had..


And again this week..


I think the people working at McDonald's remembered us from last week ;) mainly because I walk inside, and whip out my lightsaber I received from them last week and start making lightsaber noises and shouting "LIGHTSABERRR!!!"

Hah, I'm cool ;)

And so are the other people I was with.

Jeanelle Adona... is a very special person. So when we get out of the minivan that was holding 7 people.. Me and Jeremiah and Joanie take out the lightsabers we got from McDonald's last week.. Jeanelle goes "oh, I thought those things were called life-savers.." 


Silly girl.

How do you not know what a lightsaber is when you're friends with a bunch of nerds like us? ;)

Anywayys, we walk into McDonald's.. totally just standing in a clump of people, freaking out about the other Star Wars toys.. obviously.. and literally taking 384852328 hours trying to figure out what everyone is getting.. 


This wasn't even the hardest part of the night.. the hardest part of the night = trying to find a seat.. the normal spot was taken by some Asian's on computers :( so then we were off to finding a new seat.. The first one we picked.. it was perfectly fine.. but the ground was sticky >.> So we had to move, obviously.. who likes a sticky ground? 

^not jeanelle.

So we move to the other side.. it was FINE! but there were only 6 seats.. grr.. so we moved to anotheeeeeeeer spot which was two tables back to back.. we ended up going right back to where we were and having the adults sit at a table across the way.. perrrfect.

Don't you love it when people have to complain about the seat they sit in?

^not me.

Finaaaaaaally, we all got settled and just waited for our food.. I was realllly looking forward to my happy meal ^.^ When it got there, of courseeeee the first thing I look for is the toy! 
My actual reaction: "I GOT A YODA TOY. WOOO YODA"

ahaha.. Yoda is awesome. justsayin'.

mmm.. french fries.. yum..

Taking pictures in McDonald's is also always a good time,

Me: "READY, READY, READY? Brother, sister picture go!"

this is what I get...


I do too ;)

Right Jeanelle? 

More pictures?

Me: "READY, READY, READY? Friend picture!"

This is what I get...

Poor Joanie :(

I really like when I'm enjoying myself at McDonald's and my dad texts me saying that he doesn't believe that I'm at McDonald's...

ReAlLy?!?! FoRrEalS?!!?

I walk up to some random worker..

Me: "OHHEY, can I have a picture of you?"
Worker: "uhh, yeah sure.. do I have to pos-"

lol... picture...

Me and Jeanelle are naming him Philip. 


there are many more things that had happened,

more funny quotes,

more weird things that had happened..

but I'm quite tired..

It's 0123.

Yeah, military time is cool...

Right, Jedi?

I wish I was cool..


I hope you enjoy this picture of the moon. 

This is what the moon looked like tonight.

Johnathan: "It looks like the moon is falling out of the sky!"

^ I didn't take that picture.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"Happiness is just outside my window. Would it crash blowing 80-miles an hour? Or is happiness a little more like knocking on your door, and you just let it in?" - The Fray, Happiness

i am such a happy human being right now. :)

^that's not even sarcasm.

and now here's some random pictures that are full of happiness because i'm happy.

^I did not take any of the above pictures.


Well since I'm really bored, I'm going to do this post I've seen around. Here we go! :)

  • If I was a month, I'd be July
  • If I was a time of day, I'd be 11:11 pm 
  • If I was a direction, I'd be East
  • If I was a planet, I'd be Gallifrey.
  • If I was a piece of furniture, I'd be a rolly chair. 
  • If I was a sin, I'd be invidia (envy).
  • If I was a poet, I'd be Shel Silverstein 
  • If I was a gemstone, I'd be aquamarine.
  • If I was a tree, I'd be a weeping willow.
  • If I was a bird I'd, I'd be a flamingo.
  • If I was a tool, I'd be a wrench.
  • If I was a flower, I'd be a lily.
  • If I was a season, I'd be Spring.
  • If I was a musical instrument, I'd be a violin.
  • If I was a word, I'd be Petrichor.
  • If I was a feeling, I'd be ecstatic.
  • If I was a fruit, I'd be a watermelon.
  • If I was a sound, I'd be a giggle.
  • If I was a body part, I'd be a finger.
  • If I was a Greek goddess, I'd be Iris.
  • If I was an automobile, I'd be a Jeep Wrangler. 
  • If I was a place, I'd be the TARDIS graveyard past the universe.
  • If I was a jewelry, I'd be a cute bracelet.
  • If I was an age, I'd be 25.
  • If I was a weapon, I'd be a butterfly knife.
  • If I was a country, I'd be England.