Saturday, July 23, 2011

silence and thunderstorming.

It's late,
well not late for me, but for many others; this is late.
for some reason i feel dizzy,
must be this headache,
no one else is up
the house is silent
what a glorious and mysterious thing
i don't believe in it too much though.
there is never silence
there is always sound that we cannot hear
sounds attuned to only those truly alive at night
so much is to be heard in silence.
while it is silent here, 
a hundred miles away there is noise,
across the Earth there is an explosion,
throughout the universe there is life and death
but there is not total silence.there shall never be total silence.
even now, as the house is silent
outside Mother Nature blows her might upon the Earth
outside it is not silent,
With the way the lightning brightens up the sky 
Its like they are dancing as they show, 
As the thunder roars to show who's boss 
are beautiful, wouldn't you agree?
someone once told me, 
if they could describe me in one word,
it would be 'thunderstorm'.
i feel like that's the greatest compliment I've ever received,
ever will.
I love to watch the rain 
strike some objects outside,
it is amazing to think
this miracle happens worldwide.
it's late
I should probably go to sleep.
^i did not take above picture.