Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Untitled Free Verse

This is supposed to be for yesterday technically,
But its past midnight so it says Sunday :(
I don't really know what this one is about..


By pen, I see the world differently.
The words reflect,
Moments unseen.
And lost.
So brilliantly, effortlessly,
Tossed into the water.
Tensions burn hotter.
Like magnets we are,
But same poles pushed together.

Through nights,
Do I catch fire.
Heated by romance,
Cooled by the realization.
That hearts do not care,
Often are they insincere.

So as to calm myself.
I look.
Out past my window.
The stars gleam without worry.
But stars,
Often do not suffice.
When you've gazed upon,
A perfect set of eyes.

Oh dear,
Might you silence these pains?
With a swing of that scythe.
Everything to lose,
And nothing to gain.
A simple cliche,
Reversely remarked.
Could easily be the start,
Of insanity dribbling from my lips.
And utter nonsense,
From weary fingertips.

Let's see how much time,
I might waste with these meaningless lines.
Word after word,
It's the same stuff you've heard,
Since day one you've read.
How I'm muddled in the head.
And shattered in the heart.
The point to listening, tell me?

Am I worth it?
To be expressed through these syllables?
Or are girls like me,
With carefully measured rhymes,
All too typical?
Nowadays it seems,
These musicless melodies,
Is how hearts are stolen.
And how hearts are broken.

Opinions are appreciated(: