Saturday, December 31, 2011

this is a new years post.

i'm going to make this year a good one.
no bologna this year.

i still haven't thought of a solid 'resolution'.
oh well
i always forget about them anyways.
i really pumped for camp.
174 more days.

so far
on my list of things to accomplish
i started my cover-to-cover bible reading two nights ago
i've made it through Genesis and the first chapter of Exodus.
that's it.
i need to read more in my bible.

time to get ready for my church party

i hope you all have a lovely new years

i bid you adieu

Friday, December 30, 2011

im indecisive

i might change around my blog..

have you ever just wanted to cry?
just sit in your room and cry until you have no tears left to fall?
just sit and cry for no apparent reason.
or maybe there is a reason.
i must be oblivious to myself.
does that make sense?
i don't cry.
that's a lie.
i cry, to myself.
i don't even know why.

that sounded poetic?
that's pathetic.

i have so much on my mind.
apparently, "i've changed"
and, "i'm not my own person."
apparently i'm not a "normal teenager" because i don't wear makeup and i dress differently..
what does normal even mean?

God made me who i am for a reason.
and i am so happy with the way He has made me out to be,
and i am so happy with the direction He is pointing my life in right now.
but there's always going to be this kind of day,

i just have so many questions,
that need answers,
and God is the only one that can answer them.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

this is totally stuck in my head.

oh and im feeling much better today.
but i have to work in 3 hours..
i really shouldn't be complaining about work.
at least i have a job.
i'm thankful for that.
maybe i should stop complaining so much.

can we just be giraffes?

well i should probably be sleeping.
i haven't gotten a good nights sleep in forever.
like f o r e v e r.
but i can't sleep now.
not after that.
i really don't even know what just happened...
but whatever it was,
i didn't like it.
i don't like it.
i don't like arguing.
and i don't like feeling like this.
let's not argue anymore, okay?
especially about stupid stuff...
boiling water... sdghjk
so now i'll just type..
and type..
and type..
you know,
sometimes i wish i wasn't human.
humans are..
and just really..
humans argue about stupid stuff.
i bet giraffes don't.
i don't know what to do...

do do do..
re re re..
me me me..
fa fa fa..
so so so..
la la la..
ti ti ti..
do do do..

new years is coming soon.
i know we'll be at church..
but i hope to get my kiss at midnight.
like, realllly.
even though i know he'll be the first kiss in 2012..
he'll be the only one i kiss in 2012..
and years after..
and years..
but still,
a midnight kiss would be lovely :3
speaking of new years..
i've thought of a few things i'm going to try and accomplish in 2012:

1. Read the bible from cover to cover.
2. Keep my job.
3. Sleep under the stars.
4. Keep a diary.

that's all i have so far.

the fray puts me in a better mood,
i'm gonna go read my bible now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i'm so confused

i can feel my brain turning into goo.
i don't like arguments.
confusion brings my mood down.
now i'm not in a good mood. :c
well i guess this is goodnight,
it's 11:41,
and this is an early night.
that can't be healthy.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

so i'm in michigan,
and theres no snow.
it's almost 50 degrees.
i bet this is what Christmas in florida feels like.
oh well.
i'm not going to get upset about something like that,
Happy birthday Jesus.

Well, i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
(and if you don't celebrate Christmas)


have a great day either way. <3

never stop exploring.

Friday, December 23, 2011

give me a balloon and ill fly away

this is my 100th blog post.
all i want to say is you are beautiful,
each and every one of you.
and the key to having it all,
is realizing
that you

don't you ever change.

i mean... i guess i should sleep now.
it's 4:43 am,
and i haven't gotten a good nights sleep in forever. yeah.
goodnight, loves.


sometimes ive believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.