Monday, October 15, 2012

i like poetry

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it everywhere?
In the sunshine on your skin?
In the rain upon your hair?
As it swims through atmosphere,
Into your lungs.
It is love, it is love.
It's an emotion,
A notion,
Undefined by science.
It is the black holes,
And dividing by zeroes,
It cannot be seen,
But it exists.
And sometimes it screams.
And sometimes love whispers.
Can you hear it?
As it echoes,
And reverbs?
Into every single piece of you,
It's every single piece of you.
You are love.
Yes you breathe it,
Can you feel it?
And taste it on your tongue?
The sweet sugar of passionate,
Devotion to everyone.
Feel it running through you,
In your blood, in your veins.
It is everything.
Feel it rip through your bones,
Into tendons and ligaments,
And joints,
And through all the muscle and marrow,
Into every single cell,
Can't you tell?
This is love.
Sending your body into an earthquake,
Bringing you onto your knees,
As the buckle like paper planes,
Dipping in the breeze.
And it spreads through your body like,
A beautiful cancer,
But it's not terrifying,
It's death defying,
It is a miracle.
A wonder drug,
A perfect hug,
Of feeling and affection,
Of pure, honest connection,
And no objections,
To calling it an infection,
In hopes it spreads across the world,
And travels into every single heart.
Let's get sick with love.
Take off your shirts of shallowness
And your pants of pride.
Your hats of haughtiness,
And your socks of sin.
In your nakedness bare your shame,
And humility.
You are human,
Bound to forge mistakes,
And trip and blunder.
Sit and shiver in the forthcoming rains,
Tremble at the thunder.
And then clothe yourself.
Cover yourself anew.
And most of all,
Cover yourself in love,
In love above all things.
Wear it as a coat,
And feel it's beautiful warmth.
Wear it on your feet,
Your shoes,
And always walk in love.
Let love be the ocean that you drown in,
And resurface with new found understanding.
And love is not only for your,
Lover, mother, brother.
But for everyone,
For everyone you like and that you hate,
Because that is love.
When you can offer up a part,
Of your heart to someone who you think,
Does not deserve it all.
That is love,
That is love,
That is love.
So let us love.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

can't sleep. neck hurts. wrote free verse.

I've always wanted to fly to the Moon.
But always the engines, turned on too soon.
Before I broke through gravity,
I tumbled and fell.
Right into the arms,
Of an undercover Hell.
Disguised as romance,
With a mask made of smiles.
Only fools like me,
Wouldn't see through the guile.
Despite lack of chances,
And such failing perceptions.
I'm perfectly flawed,
With insane imperfections.
Unafraid to leap.
Chasing after beauty,
After completion,
Running after him,
With no sense of direction.
Lost in thought over thoughts long lost.
Already banked the win,
Before the coin was tossed.
Like a disease spreading through my veins.
Drenching me as if I were in pouring rains.
Drown me in an ocean.
In the sea of your eyes.
Lie to me and say,
That you love me tonight.
Quoting lines from songs so cliché,
Just quoting lines, nothing original to say.
And to say I was afraid,
Was an understatement at the least.
When basic survival penned you down as a need.
So here I am now.
Scribbling in my room.
One pen stroke away,
From an ink laden doom.
Dining on the words,
And sipping from the pen,
Only you could get,
The tip to move again.
So break me into pieces,
Though I swear you already did.
Pray that I don't need this,
I was such a foolish kid. 
Thinking I could maybe fly, a rocket to the Moon.
I'd never get to lift off, if it meant not having you...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

it's october.

I am different. I’m not who I used to be. And I can’t figure out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it’s a part of growing up, or maybe it isn’t.
Change is essential for survival, it’s what keeps the human race going, adapting.
I guess what I hope to keep with me is that I want to be able to look back at how I used to be, I can be proud of who I am, and the things I did to get there, maybe high five my past self for hanging in there. I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and feel like I did well, and that the change was worth it.
I’ve got this. A handle on my life, I mean.
I’m not going to give up or break down or be too hard on myself. From this point on, I’m thinking positively. I’m going to build myself up.
Starting today, things change. Starting today, I’m going to become the opposite of a nobody.

P.S: I had a good day today (: I like making new friends. New, awesome, friends. Friends.