Thursday, December 29, 2011

can we just be giraffes?

well i should probably be sleeping.
i haven't gotten a good nights sleep in forever.
like f o r e v e r.
but i can't sleep now.
not after that.
i really don't even know what just happened...
but whatever it was,
i didn't like it.
i don't like it.
i don't like arguing.
and i don't like feeling like this.
let's not argue anymore, okay?
especially about stupid stuff...
boiling water... sdghjk
so now i'll just type..
and type..
and type..
you know,
sometimes i wish i wasn't human.
humans are..
and just really..
humans argue about stupid stuff.
i bet giraffes don't.
i don't know what to do...

do do do..
re re re..
me me me..
fa fa fa..
so so so..
la la la..
ti ti ti..
do do do..

new years is coming soon.
i know we'll be at church..
but i hope to get my kiss at midnight.
like, realllly.
even though i know he'll be the first kiss in 2012..
he'll be the only one i kiss in 2012..
and years after..
and years..
but still,
a midnight kiss would be lovely :3
speaking of new years..
i've thought of a few things i'm going to try and accomplish in 2012:

1. Read the bible from cover to cover.
2. Keep my job.
3. Sleep under the stars.
4. Keep a diary.

that's all i have so far.

the fray puts me in a better mood,
i'm gonna go read my bible now.


  1. giraffes, owls, or ducks. :p

    ah. arguing stinks. feel better. :c <3

  2. hahah. yes. giraffes, owls, ducks. lovely animals. :b

    yeahhh. thanks c: i do!