Saturday, July 23, 2011

Poetry and lullabys.

I've finally decided to get the guts to share my poems and songs.
I don't know why the title says lullabys.
Mostly poems that want to someday become a song,
It's much easier
to write a stanza than a chorus.
In my humble opinion.
One a day.
One poem or song a day.
Here's the first one for you guys..
It might be bad,
for it was written about 4 months ago.
It's kinda far into my book of poems.


Time stands still
But only for a moment
Flowers, they blossom
But then wither into the ground
The sun brightens each day
But then falls suddenly into dark
Life is full of temporary moments
Joys and happiness to instill hope
Inevitably, reality comes knocking
And suddenly reminds us;
that which lives, must inevitably die
I know the laws of inevitably
But still I hold out for hope
I'll drink my coffee, hot and fresh
Before it turns cold and stale
like life's temporary moments

Enjoy. :)
Opinions are appreciated.

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