Friday, July 22, 2011

soul searching.

Think for a moment.
Just think.
Forget about everything else.
And just think.
Think. Think. Think.
How often in a day, do you just sit down and think?
While you're in the shower?
On the way to school?
Before you fall asleep?
Or do you even think it all?

What do you think about?

The world? Family? Friends? Love? Yourself?
For a moment.
Focus on yourself.

Who are you?

And don't just give me a name. Really. Who are you?
Do you know? Can you say? Do you remember? Have you forgotten?
We have lost our identities.

Think of when you meet a new person for the first time. I met someone new today.
You're having a good time and you're talking and such. Then they ask you the dreaded question:
"So tell me about yourself?"
Why do the majority of us freeze up?
We forget what we like, what we hate, what makes us smile, makes us cry.

So tonight. Forget the world.
Open yourself up.

Start simple.

What's your favorite color?
Colors mean so much to us. We remember things by how they look.
Their vibrancy, their lack of luster.
What does this color mean to you? Is it associated with good feelings?
Or are you trapped and haunted by the colors of your past?

What do you like to do?
We are creatures of routine, but we all have things we enjoy doing in our free time.
Free time. What do you do when the clock is endless?
I can bet, so many of you are reading this, itching in your seat about all the things you should be doing instead.
Give your inklings some rest.

What's your favorite song? What do the words mean?
What do the words mean to you?

What's your favorite flavor?
The world is full of flavors. Some we love. Some we dislike very much. What fancies your tongue? What could you eat endlessly?
What's so good that you're hoard it all for yourself? And what's tasty yet not as blissful that you'd share it with friends?

Who is your best friend? Do you have more than one?
When's the last time you told them you loved them? When's the last time you took a moment to appreciate how much they've done for you? Have you been as fair in returning their relentlessness care for you? Do they even care for you? How much do they truly mean to you? What would you do for them?

What would you do for the world?
How's your morality? Is there anything you've done that you regret? Are there things you have done that you wish the world could know about? Do you feel like your actions mean nothing? Or do you want to change this planet?

How are your emotions?
Are you happy? Are you sad?
Do you need a break, or are you headed for a breakdown?
When's the last time you cried? Were they tears of joy? 
Do you love anyone?
How much? Is it real? Is it fake? Do you even believe in love? Or do you feel so alone?

What's the single most greatest event to happen directly to you in your life?
What was the worst?
Do the scars still hurt? Are the wounds reopened? Are the graves revisited?

Say the words "I love you."
Now say it again.
One more time.
Was there anyone that came to mind instantly?
Who was it?

How often do you feel invisible?
How often do you think you're invisible to yourself?
How often do you look in the mirror and not recognize the person that you see?
How often do you wonder about much you've changed?
How often do you wish that someone would ask how your day was?
How often would you tell them that you're fine?

How often are you actually fine?
How often do you want to tell that person that was kind enough to ask that you're at the edge of breaking?
How often do you wish you had a hand to pull you back?
How often do you scoff at the people who can't handle their own situations?
How often do you think people are weak for wanting help?
How often do you think about how lucky you are to not be plagued by such problems?
How often do you think about the baby that was born? The couple just married? The girl who just died?
How often do you think about yourself in relation to others?

How often do you sit down and think,
"Who am I?"

Sit down. Think about it. You'll be amazed at what you find.

^I did not take the above picture.

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