Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Growing up

"ohh, I don't wanna grow up, wish I never grown up. Could still be little. Ohh, I don't wanna grow up, wish I never grown up. It could still be simple."-Taylor Swift Never Grow Up

Cabbage Patch Kids.
Gameboy Color.
Nintendo 64.

I bet you're reading this, and looking way back to when you were younger.
I bet it's kind of hard to remember some of this stuff for some of you.
And I bet for those of you who do remember, you're smiling goofily to yourself at how awesome being a kid used to be.

Most of us now are in our middle teens; 14, 15, 16, 17.
And we're forgetting. Forgetting fast.
What exactly are we forgetting?
The things that we used to love, but now throw away cause "it's for babies."

Think back for a moment,
You're 7 years old sitting in your couch watching tv.
It's a bright Saturday morning in the Summer and you're sitting on your couch with a bowl of cereal.
Most probably Lucky Charms for the marshmallows or Cap'n Crunch or something along those lines.
It's well before 9 a.m. but you're sitting there waiting to watch those good ol' Saturday morning cartoons.
Or perhaps it's a Friday night and you're excitedly awaiting the new episode of Spongebob. A commercial comes on for the new Pokemon movie in theaters and you want to see it at midnight but it's past your bedtime. Or the new Cali Barbies are starting to appear and you just have to have one.
Fast Forward
You sleep in past 11, get up and groggily grab a pop tart from the fridge or maybe pop some bagels in the toaster. You end up taking the food to the computer and sitting there for like an hour on facebook. You read someone's status talking about Saturday Morning Cartoons and snicker at them.
You've "grown up" now and you think that Spongebob is a waste of time. Barbies are for little girls. Pokemon is for five year old boys or really nerdy Asians. And you're not gonna wait out at midnight for some animated movie, oh no, instead you wanna go see the midnight premiere of Twilight.

What happened?
To the things we used to love? So many of us simply just shrug them off.
"Oh no, I'm too old for that now...." BOLOGNA. You're never too old, never too old to make time for the things that you used to love as a kid.
Im not gonna lie here, I love Spongebob and know just about every episode by heart.
yeahhh I wanted to get the star wars happy meal toy!
I'm not ashamed of my past, like so many people are.

Seems nowadays, everyone's in a rush to grow up.
You wanna be 16 to drive.
Be 18 to get out of highschool, to vote, to move out, to have adults get your opinion on things.
Be 21 to drink. (Ew not me, but you get the jist.)
And a lot of people. They're hitting these ages and life starts to suck for them. They lose their friends, school gets tougher, the real world starts to hit. And they with they could go back to the simpler times.
Don't we all?

It's ironic.
How when you were 5 years old.
You saw the highschoolers getting off the bus at like 4PM, usually nap time for you and you think to yourself,
"Man, I wanna grow up!"
And then now it's "Gosh, I wish I was back in elementary when you got A's for solving 2x6!"

Don't get me wrong though.
Growing up itself isn't a bad thing.
Simply forgetting your past is.
They say don't dwell in the past,
But why not? Without the past we'd have no present. Without the past we couldn't prevent ourselves from make thing same mistakes.
Without the past we wouldn't be who we are.

So you know what I say to all those people out there who scoff at cartoons? and at Pokemon? and all our little kid toys?
I say YOU grow up. Grow up and learn to embrace the past as you used to live it.
That is all. :D


  1. preach it sister! uh yeah.
    i agree with you. haha :P

    i'm all for embracing the kid in you.

    "immature is just a word used by people who don't know how to have fun."

  2. Hahah (:
    I like that quote (:

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  5. Righhhht.. hahah.
    No, I read it.. EMAIL.