Monday, July 23, 2012

something in the stars.

so i realized that i literally haven't posted a poem in ages.
i wrote this like, a few months agoo.

There's something in the stars,
Tonight they gleam,
So devilishly.
In this vastness,
Across blackness,
What are we?
The question skims,
And scans across the,
Electrical signals,
Epiphany tingles,
In the backs of our heads.
What is our place among the cosmos?
We are human,
So fragile,
So mortal.
We live in a deception that,
Nothing but us,
Can escape the inevitable death,
That is the follower of creation.
Listen to the drumbeat,
Of the night sky.
Does it lie?
Tell me,
Does it lie?
The diamonds you see,
Have most likely,
Long since died.
Eons later,
Are we seeing their light.
Not even the stars,
So iridescent,
And temporary,
Can outrun the clutches,
The black hole,
Of the end.
There is an end.
For everything,
And everyone.
Stand on this planet.
Kiss the air,
And caress the wind.
What are you finding?
The echoes of an impending fortune,
Read the day we took our first steps.
Everything ends.
Everything ends.
We fight battles,
Every moment of consciousness.
But that doesn't give us confidence,
Because who can be confident?
When they are staring the truth in the eyes.
It does not lie.
It is a whisper in the skin,
And a screaming in the bones.
That we left from someplace else,
And one day we'll come home.
I cannot tell,
If it is in another time,
Or ours.
But tonight I can feel something different,
There is something in the stars.

opinions? c: