Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so i haven't blogged much lately.

i don't really know why.
lifes just been sorta, "blah" lately.
some of it has been awesome,
then the rest has just been like, ehjeofoej not so awesome.
like this terrible sickness is like, noooo,
and then this news i got the other day.
and i have a feeling that school this year is just gonna.. idk.
but at least im gonna try this year.
and all together its just like
ahhhh i need some sort of get away from everything.

i want summer to come back.

i feel like im in some sort of box of blah.
a big annoying box of blah that im trapped inside.
i feel like a fish.
in a little fish tank.
what fish likes to be in a fish tank?
i need an ocean.

im sure everything is gonna work out though.
im trusting God,
he knows what he's doing.

on an off topic note,
i've been really into the food channel lately..
it makes me really hungry.
and also really makes me wanna learn how to cook.
one day ill be a iron chef champion.
well, maybe not..
but maybe.
anythings possible, right? :p

you know, spending a whole day at home alone because of sickness really gets you thinking.
what is this news actually does happen?
will things change?
for the better?
for the worse?
no change at all?
what if all these plans fall flat because of it.
i really hope not.
i like these plans.
a lot.
a lot a lot.
and how dare anyone take me away from this happiness!

my head is going to explode.

on that note.. here's a cool picture i took outside of the church on Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. oh. i'm sorry. :c
    i'll pray for you.
    i know how terrible it feels to be stuck in a box.