Saturday, October 8, 2011


So I've been working diligently on this wreck this journal, and I'm gonna share some of my favorite pages with you guys (:


fill this page with circles

color this entire page

scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon

it said hide a secret message somewhere in the book, 
so i didn't know what to do to the page
i melted crayons onto it ;3

make a mess, clean it up
another one i didn't know what to do,
i drew. :p

write one word over and over

bring this book in the shower with you,
well this affected the whole book,
but i left this page open,
took it in after i had colored all over it with washable marker,
result. :3

give away your favorite page,
apparently, this is NOT my favorite page

page of good thoughts

a page for four letter words

random page with no rules, 
lyrics to everybody-ingrid michaelson :p

YEAH, and that's only SOME of it :p


  1. i really have to work on mine moreeee.
    can i copy you? haha xD

    or, be inspired?

    it looks awesome!

  2. bwahaha, i'm glad my journal is inspiring (:
    THANKS! :D <3