Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oh, change.

"the seasons have changed and so have we." -Death Cab for Cutie

and so today while i was walking home from school,
i seen this lovely bunch of flowers.
simply changing colors due to the change of season.
that word used to terrify me.
change is a good thing, 
and sometimes change is something that needs to happen.
but right now, change, is the last thing i want.
everything lately for me has been going pretty awesomely.

(aside from the fact that physics makes me want to jump out of a window,
i'm just going to take that out of the equation.)

i guess in some cases, change is good.
but it certainly is not easy.
people always change,
but when they realize how hard it is to change for the better,
they go for the worse.

i have recently realized that everyone has changed so much..
all the people who used to be my friends around here,
are completely different people now.

i’m glad everything turned out the way it did.

i definitely would not want to be stuck in the past,
even if it did feel perfect at the time.

time changes,
it’s ridiculous,
but it does.

i got it good now.

i need to keep working hard.

learning from what i’ve seen,
lots of people have failed,
because they didn’t want to leave their comfort zone,
their happiness,
something in them believed,
nothing would ever change.

but people do.
but thankfully,
as you progress,
you meet people who have changed for the better,
that fits for you.
that changes you,
for the better.

"no one can change a person, but someone can be a persons reason to change"- Spongebob

when it feels like it's to good to be true,
can’t get any better,
can’t get any worse,
if you look at the sentences long enough,

they are all true.

don’t be discouraged,
by the things life throws at you.
life’s just a jerk.
and jerks are supposed to do that.
but you can clean those things off,
and show the beauty behind it.

theres always something behind the appearance,
always a lost door,
that needs to be found,
with a lost key,
that needs to be found,
a locked door,
that needs to be unlocked,
a door to walk through.

then a whole new journey awaits the other side.

there are both easy and difficult steps in life,
in sections,
everywhere and anywhere.

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  1. you're a really good writer!