Sunday, October 16, 2011

review of erebus

waste of $23.
the first 3 rooms were awesome and scary,
after that it really wasn't all that,
i mean,
plastic dinosaurs aren't exactly my idea of scary.

pft, 2nd scariest haunter house in America my butt. 
I've been in better,
much, much better.

another thing that made it really annoying was that i was in the front of the line because the people i was with were like major babies, 
and they were all literally screaming in my ears. 
i think i'm partially deaf for the day. 
and also, in the "elevator" *cough, cough  small wooden box*,
they were flashing strobe lights right at us for literally 5 minutes straight,
it gave me a headache, and i felt like i had to throw up.
i mean,
i know it says don't go in if you have epilepsy,
but anyone getting strobe lights flashed in there face for 5 minutes will not like that, 
at all.

i mean,
maybe i'm just not scared of haunted houses?
but it's definitely not worth waiting in a line that wraps around like 4 blocks for 2 hours,
and it is NOT worth $23.
but if you get scared easily and you like haunted houses, 
go for it.
you might like it.

but those of you who are haunted house freaks like me,
i do not recommend it.

but the plus of the night was staying up all night with Jenny.
it was a good time,
i missed her sooo much.
i've known this girl since literally before i was born and seeing her again was awesome.
but now i'm tired. 
very tired.
next time, i vote sleep.

i'm also really disappointed that right now i'm still in michigan.
i want to be in illinois.
so i can be going to youth group.
i hate skipping :c

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