Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am on the very edge of functioning. All of the pieces for happiness are here all around me but it is as if I lost the picture of how this puzzle called life is supposed to fit. So now all I am left with are a hand full of people who I love and trust with my entire soul. A couple of people with whom I feel entirely safe. And one person who I never wish to lose. I am stuck in the limbo of the feeling that something incredible is about to occour. The edge of a cliff when you still can choose not to jump. I fear I may always be deciding wither or not to jump. I am afraid of change, not in the usual sense though. Change once chosen can never be undone which I have come to understand too much. I hope that jumping is the correct choice because I am going in head first no matter what. I hope the exilarating feeling of letting everything go is worth the guilt that will follow soon after.
So this is it, now I will take the fall.

so now here is a picture of the sky.


  1. 1...beautiful photo
    2...I'm glad you have people to love, trust and feel safe with. Many people don't have people like this in their lives.
    3...are you okay? this post makes me wonder what's up

    1. Thank you <3 .. yeah, I'm okay.. I've just had a lot on my mind and just life has felt really weird lately. I don't really know how to explain it. But I'll be okay. c:

  2. I hear ya...Life has been weird and honestly a struggle of late. In some ways things are getting back on track but it's hard.

    I'm glad you're okay...don't try to go it alone, ok? You've got people who've btdt to help, including me.

    1. Yeah, it has. Must be something in the air. Yeah, there's just some things that can't really be explained any other way than just weird and hard to deal with.

      And okay. Thank you <3