Saturday, March 31, 2012

so guys.
i went to their concert last night with some awesome people,
we really didn't know what to expect,
except what our albuquerquen friends had said about it.
it was like, the best concert i've ever been to.
and that's coming from an avid concert go-er.
and i totally needed that in my life right now too.
i literally can't even grasp how awesome it was.
if you don't know who Gungor is,
i HIGHLY recommend you look them up,
and then go to the concert.
i didn't get a chance to take pictures,
they had asked up to shut off our phones because they were recording a live cd,
which is AWESOME.
and really, taking pictures was like, the last thing on my mind during it.
i really don't have many words to describe it's brilliant-ness.
it  was completely alexythemia-inspiring.

by the way, did you know if you say any positive word in a British accent,
it makes it at leassst 73842x more positive? :b

so friends,
go check out Gungor.

love and all that. :3

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