Thursday, March 15, 2012

here's just.. 
some things i'm feeling at the mo.

1) I've been very insecure, and I don't know why. I'm usually the opposite.
2) I feel like I’ll never achieve at anything in life.
3)  Caring more about others then I do myself is very true, sometimes I'm not the biggest fan of myself, but I would never let anything happen to my friends and family.
4) It feels like my parents aren’t proud of me.
5) I’m afraid I won’t be able to function living on my own. All of this college business is freaking me out.
6) I’m not depressed, I just don’t really know how I feel.
7) I miss the cute, cheesy component. I don't know when that stopped, or why that stopped, but I certainly never wanted that to stop. Sometimes I feel like there's something you care about a tad more. Or maybe not. No, more than likely not. I'm just.. being me. I hope.
8) I think I've been changing. I don't really know if it's for the better, or the worse though.
9) I over think everything.
10) I don't actually hate softball anymore. I was just going through a rough time at the beginning. Communication isn't the easiest thing for me to do all the time.
11) Thinking about you makes me smile.
12) I really am trying. Hard. In pretty much everything that I do. 
13) Why do I always miss one little strip of hair when I shave? Hahahah... does this ever happen to anyone else? Cause it seriously happens every time for me.


  1. I love youuu.
    The future's far enough away you'll be more ready when it comes
    (And I've got nothing on that last one haha)

    1. I love you too c:
      Yeah, but... Gr. The future is scaryy.

      Hahaha. Yeah. That's alright, though. I'm glad you don't. Haha.

  2. University is terrifying for me. A bit over a year from now *shudder*. Especially when the guidance counselors at my school are completely incompetent and incapable of making me feel better about it. I thought they were suppose to help and re-insure you, not tell you about everything that can lead to your inevitable failure. I had the course selection seminar yesterday. Soon I will be picking courses for my senior year and it's stressing me out, which probably shows.

    And the shaving thing totally happens to me too :)

    1. Yeah, were in the same placee. I already had to pick my senior classes so it feels so closee. Which means, *gulp*, college. >< and my guidance councelor is the opposite of helpful and encouraging :(

      Hahah, well I'm glad I'm not the only one. :b

  3. Hey I feel the same way about pretty much all of it. Though I know you can do it, because you are surrounded by people who love you to death. You are truly lucky girl to have that. So go enjoy them and yourself there is nothing wrong with a little me time

  4. Oh and college is easy sauce

    1. Bah! Maybe for youuu.
      It's just a scary thought I guess :/

  5. :/ thats a lot to think about, sorry I don't have any great words of wisdom at 2 in the morning but yeah, everything will be awesome!

  6. Everyone else is commenting...I wanna comment too!

    I see in you such kindness and depth. You are so quick to see the 'wonderful' in others and be an encouragement. That's the first thing I noticed when I met you!

    Well, guess what? You're wonderful and strong and lots of other awesome things! I know first hand that it's hard to always feel that way about yourself so hang in there!

    1. Aw, Judi! You are awesome. I just seen this comment c: thank you much!