Tuesday, June 5, 2012

i'm not dead, i promise.

hello all.
you all probably think i died or something because of my epic lack of bloggerness.
epic lack of bloggerness. yes.
i just finished my last day of physics!! YES!
if you know me, you should know how incredibly happy i am about that. literally the worst class ever, ever.. BUT, i successfully completed it. without dying.

I will more likely be on blogger more during the summer.
blogging seems more of a summer thing :b

dudes, it's like, almost summer. AGH.
i have 2 more days of school. that's it.
and really only like half of a final.
well it's a whole final. but, it's photo.
so not really much of a final :b
and only like, less than 20 days before camp! this year we're going to m-fuge in Mississippi. i am incredibly excited, but also a bit nervous.
i'm hoping whichever group i'm in is a good one.
well, it will be. obviously.
aaghfkjgl;dfkg;;lkh;llll/ it should be here now. i need to get out of this townnnnnnn. naow.
AGH  i need to figure out what i'm going to bring.
i'm more than likely just bring like 945809349099 pairs of sports shorts and t-shirts. that's probably it :b

well i hope you all enjoy this random post.
love. and stuff.

OH. and a happppppy birthdayy to a quite amazing person c:
i love you <3
here's a link to his blog: jedi-paralogic.blogspot.com you should all go wish him a happy birthday because well, it's his birthday, and he's awesome c:



  1. You don't like physics? What's not to like? It's all about blowing shit up. Oh, did I mention I was a terrible physics student?

    You've trudged through another year of school, so I wish you a great summer!

    1. Noo, I hated it so much. And you don't blow things up in physics :b that's chemistry! I liked chemistry.

      And yes, I have. Finallly. Thanks much c: I wish you a fantastic summer as well!

    2. Oh yeah! It was chemistry I was bad at. It's fun to be bad at things. Except kissing. Girls don't like when you're bad at kissing, and, I guess, boys don't either. Thanks for the summer wishes. I'm gonna go fly fishing with my brothers this summer, and it's my dad's 65th birthday soon, so we're gonna throw a big party. You're sweet, and I wish you all the best in the world. :)