Wednesday, May 23, 2012

when you realize that “now” is the only real existence—the present, the only true moment to control—then you realize that the future and past are only thus projections of time and figments of imagination. and perhaps practical for planning purposes, they are not so practical for procrastination purposes. 
you can’t change something later, you can’t fix something later, you can’t be someone else later. you can’t become something different later. because the future is only the present, just tomorrow. 
and what makes you think that tomorrow, in the present moment, you will choose “yes” to this moment anymore than you will choose “yes” to this moment now? that is why there is only NOW. this moment. because if you can’t choose it now, you won’t choose it tomorrow, either. live in the moment, it is really all you have. learn to value this idea, and you will learn how to say yes to whatever it is you wish to accomplish in life. because if you completely live in the now, and stop projecting into the past and future, you will truly live. and change, and become and achieve all you were purposed to do.

just a thought.

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