Saturday, January 14, 2012

I haven't written, in a long time.. like legitimate written.

Well…tomorrow’s Saturday..I wonder what to do..
Today was a good day. It was really nice… and content.. and just has that overall good feeling to it. But it’s sort of… weird.. The day wasn’t a good ‘super fun happy happy joy joy’ day that was full of laughs and smiles. But at the same time, it was. I wasn’t the happy kind of happy that I’d usually be on days like this, but…I was okay being that way. 
I kind of like these sort of days; the days where it’s all good and you can’t explain it. The day wasn’t a ‘happy’ day, and yet it was. A day when it’s complicated, but the good kind. A day that’s indescribable, that you’re finding it hard to put it into words.
You’re not very happy, but you’re not even somehow the slightest bit sad. I like these kinds of days and..I wish I had more days like this. To me, I feel like this is what being ‘happy’ is, even when it’s not exactly the kind of happy you’d think at all. It feels like it’s hard to get this kind of feeling most of the time, so it’s no wonder that it takes a while for people to be happy; you gotta have a somewhat equivalent balance with the positive and negative(no wonder people find me a neutralist lol). This was a good day today, and I feel happy and appreciative about it.

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