Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i haven't posted a poem in a whileeeee

A roaring thunder rumbled across the trembling sky, 
Igniting fire in the mighty dragons yellow sleepy eyes, 

Who cracked her scaly tail and split the silent night, 
Turning her from black to shocking white with fright. 
With nostrils flared, 
the dragon threw her lighting bolts, 
electrifying volts. 
They sliced the sky like laser beams bursting into flames, 
That left a gapping wound with blood pouring down in rain, 
While the giant roaring ‘Thunder God' stomped his giant feet, 
to the astrodome where all the God's would meet, 
The dragon screamed in anger as the thunder passed her by, 
And the sky, 
with no place to hide, 
prayed she would survive. 
At dawn, 
the stomping thunder finally faded in the distance 
And the dragon lay defeated, 
by a sky, 
of infallible existence.