Friday, September 23, 2011


Welcome to the first day of fall! I know, all you summer lovers are probably like, "NOOOO!" right about now, but fall happens to be my all-time favorite time of year.  Not just for the cooler weather (not too cold, not too hot) but for the leaves changing to brilliant colors, the crisp autumn scents and sights, and Thanksgiving coming around the corner. (NOT TO MENTION SOMEEEEEONE'S TURNING 16. *cough, cough,* me.)

Along with the season converting to my favorite time of year, it’s the new TV season as well.  Bet you thought I was going in a totally different direction with this post, didn’t you?   Old favorites have returned or are returning (like Doctor Who recently started again, ANTM, The Mentalist, – and it was so good to see JJ and Prentiss back on Criminal Minds again!) and new hopefuls are eager to win our hearts (and a secure spot on the DVR). 

and the fall fashion makes me happy (:

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