Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sort of a short stort, kind of.. I don't really know what it is.
I actually don't even remember when it was that I wrote it.. 
Just sort of forgot about it and just found in in my Word docs..

Long, long ago, Earth was wandering among the stars in the deep black. She was alone and scared, until she found Light. With Light, Earth glowed with brilliant colors and warmth, dispelling her fears of the unending darkness. Because of Light, Earth no longer needed to wander, and she nestled herself against Light and the two anchored each other in place. Now, Time was a jealous man. He was the eternal being of the darkness and he was furious that Earth and Light dare refuse his control and that they dared stop traveling the cosmos through time. In his fury, he ripped apart as many extensions of Light that he could find, throwing the universe into a deeper darkness. But Light was everywhere, and despite Time’s destruction, fragments of Light were spared and littered across the vast, black sea. Thus the stars were born. But after his long travel, Time finally reached Earth and Light. He demanded that Light tear himself apart from Earth so that Earth may continue to roam. The two of them refused, exclaiming that they loved each other. Alone and bitter, for Time outlasted everything else, he cursed them both for holding onto each other. He held Light tightly and tore him into two. The larger piece became the Sun, and the smaller became the Moon. To punish Earth, he allowed her to stay anchored where she was, but took a hold of her and spun her violently. He cursed her and admired her altogether. In his loathing, he told her that she would forever spin in circles, and that when she faced the Sun, she would burn up with Light’s love for her, but after awhile she would have to turn away and feel the same cold loneliness, the same cold darkness that Time had to face. And thus the Day and the Night were born. And with his curse, Time fled to the deepest of the darkness at the center of the galaxy. Sun, being so far away from Earth, wept for he could no longer hold her close and that his light could not kiss her skin right away. But Earth smiled back and reassured him that Time had not won, for when she faced away for the night time, Moon would glow with the light from Sun. And so by Day, Earth reached towards Sun with beautiful green leaves that grew even closer to him with the wind. And by Night, her oceans crashed towards Moon in hopes of catching a taste of Sun’s light. Regardless, wherever she was, Earth was not alone. She would always have Light.

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