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bwaha. prologue + chapter one of this book. whatchoo think!?

Listen to me, human. I come to you with a reason. My race, my culture... my planet is in need of your planet once more. You will not resist, for you have no need to. Our races have work together before, and will no doubt do so again, but we must focus on the now. When you wake, do not tell anyone you are sure you do not trust what I am about to tell you. Listen, and do not resist: your species once knew us, once worshipped us. What you call the seven wonders of the ancient world were some of our gifts to you. You thought of us as gods, though then you didn't know as much as you do now. But we have been here longer than that. There is a reason you have evolved to the point you are now. You would not have developed to you current stage without our help. Why, you ask, did we get involved in your species, you planet? Simple: our planet was dying. You still see it as a dead planet. Yet there is so much more to the planet you call Mars. There is life and there is beauty. But that has been threatened. So we come to you, human, for your help. You helped us in a past life well, though you do not remember it. When you wake, act as though nothing has happened. We will see if you are truly worthy of knowing who you truly are....
----------Chapter 1----------

Ben woke up suddenly as a ruler struck his desk. He pulled his head off the desk and tried to make his red hair lay flat. He looked at his teacher, knowing what to expect. She gave a small "humph' and told him to go to the principal's office, as expected. So, he gathered his things and left the classroom and walked into the principal's office, again. The stern looking secretary looked at him and said into a walkie-talkie: "Sir, Mr. Moshi is here to see you."

"Send him in."

Ben walked into the Principal’s office, which had now become familiar, though he didn't think that he would ever like being alone with Principal Hurt. Principal Hurt towered over Ben at nearly seven feet. Muscular, he looked like he would gladly live up to his name. Principal Hurt was rubbing his forehead, stress on his middle-aged face.

"What am I going to do with you, Ben?" he asked. It was the same question he always asked, and Ben had been hearing it more and more recently. "Did you have a nice nap?"

The question caught Ben off guard, but he still was able to say: "Quite nice, Sir. Thanks for asking."

"Do you remember dreaming?"

"Yeah," Ben responded, though wondering where the Principal was going with this.

"This alien guy was talking to me. Saying that his planet was dying again and that he need the human race to help, or something like that."

He was about to say more when Principal Hurt's walkie-talkie started talking: "Sir, Mrs. Moshi is here."

"Thank you, send her in," he replied.

Mrs. Moshi rushed in, clearly angry. If you looked at Ben, then you looked at his mom, you would say that they looked nothing alike. It was because they didn't. Mrs. Moshi and her late husband had adopted Ben fourteen years before, when he was two. He had never known his birth parents and didn't care who they were. Mrs. Moshi sat down and both Ben and she looked at the principal.
James Hurt looked at the two people who sat in front of him. He could tell that their relationship was strained at best. He had to rub his forehead again, trying to take in the contrast of Ben and Mrs. Moshi: his light red hair against her raven colored; his aqua eyes against her hazel; his pale, freckled skin against her tanned.

"Mrs. Moshi, thank you for coming," Hurt said, looking concerned.

"That's quite alright, Mr. Principal," Mrs. Moshi said, batting her long eyelashes at him.

"Now, onto business… Ben has, despite what his teacher may have said, and has been doing quite well."

"Then why are you wasting my time?" Ben said, "I could be sleeping."

"That is exactly why you are here," Hurt said calmly. "You have shown a complete disrespect to every teacher you have, and the constantly complain about it to me. One of them even wants you suspended. One of the reasons why I haven’t is because you have been able to just scrape by. You’re an incredibly intelligent boy, and I just want to help you see your true potential."

"Whatever..." Ben said, looking indifferently at his fingers.

"The second reason," Principal Hurt said, "I must discuss with you privately. So Mrs. Moshi, I am going to have to ask you to wait in the seating room.

Principal Hurt waited until Mrs. Moshi left the room before he looked at Ben. "Now tell me something, Ben, does this, ah, alien, in your dream mention something about a past life?'
"Yeah, so?"

"That settles the matter then," Hurt said quickly. He walked over to his door and stuck his head out. "Ms. Jones, could you come in please."

Hurt came back in and following him was a woman who looked to be in her late twenties and was wearing a doctor’s coat.

The first thing she said when she walked in was: "Take off your shirt, Mr. Moshi."

"What?!" Ben exclaimed.

"Do it or I'll do it for you," Principal Hurt said.

Ben quickly did so without any complaints.

"Give me your height, weight, and the hand you write with in that order," Ms. Jones said.

"Ah, about five seven, I think a hundred and sixty-five and I'm left handed," Ben said.

"Turn around," Ms. Jones said as she wrote in a notebook.

After he did so, Ms. Jones placed a hand on the back of his left shoulder. She closed her eyes and gripped Ben's shoulder even harder. When she stopped, she looked at Principal Hurt with a smile. They both nodded at each other. Ms. Jones took out a small needle a stuck it the middle of where her hand had been. Ben immediately fell to the floor, out cold.

I told you someone would come, human, did I not? Your reawakening has begun. When you wake, do not panic, for it will do you no good. Now, relax your mind. Let me continue from earlier. Like I said, Mars is not a lifeless planet. Only the surface is. And at one time, there was an abundance of life on the surface. Though I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start at an earlier date. My race is an old one, far older than you can imagine. We have not always inhabited this solar system. We once lived on a planet on the other side of the galaxy and prospered. But then they came. They decided that we were below them, so they decided that our planet was to be destroyed. That didn't exactly happen. They only made is so life could not exist on the planet, much like the surface of Mars today. We put up a fight, but their attack was quick and unexpected. We had to flee as far as possible. So we came to Mars. At the time, it was made of beautiful grassland, slow moving rivers. It was quite a place. Because of this, we built vary sparsely on the surface. We built underground. When finished, we tried to study what we could of our enemies' technology. We were able to fortify our underground structures to that they could hold against their weaponry. At the same time, we were looking and studying your planet. It was the height of the Neanderthal's power, if you can say that. We knew that our enemies wouldn't strike at you planet, so we hatched a plan. With help, we could create a new race of human, which we would do in time. But, we could make it so that we could implant our memories into you if we needed to. We also decided to make a few of this new species closer to us genetically than the other, and that they would be the one who would store our culture, if needed. We would be able to later, when your technology advanced and we thought you would be able to deal with it. And we are glad we did that. Soon after we did that, our enemy found us. Many lives were lost. But this time, there was a positive outcome. Well, sort of. We were able to drive then off. But the planet's surface was destroyed as became what it is today. Most of the underground structures survived. But, too many lives were lost. We have only been able to keep up and maintain about fifteen percent of the structures. In all this time, we have not been able to expand into those structures. We simply don't have a large enough population. But there’s more. We think that our enemy will strike again. So, we are doing the only thing we can. We are calling out to your race, to humans, to unlock your hidden past. You are one of those genetically different humans. So we are calling out to you, and others like you, for help. You will soon know what all of this means, but for now, do not wake. You will need all of you strength for what is to come. You will need it.

     Wake, human, for you will soon be needed.  Let us hope that you are up to it.  Wake.

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