Friday, December 30, 2011

have you ever just wanted to cry?
just sit in your room and cry until you have no tears left to fall?
just sit and cry for no apparent reason.
or maybe there is a reason.
i must be oblivious to myself.
does that make sense?
i don't cry.
that's a lie.
i cry, to myself.
i don't even know why.

that sounded poetic?
that's pathetic.

i have so much on my mind.
apparently, "i've changed"
and, "i'm not my own person."
apparently i'm not a "normal teenager" because i don't wear makeup and i dress differently..
what does normal even mean?

God made me who i am for a reason.
and i am so happy with the way He has made me out to be,
and i am so happy with the direction He is pointing my life in right now.
but there's always going to be this kind of day,

i just have so many questions,
that need answers,
and God is the only one that can answer them.



  1. Love you! Don't ever let someone tell you you should be something God didn't make you.