Thursday, September 1, 2011

let's see if anyone can guess what this actually is..

So this is sort of a poem.. but not.. I got really bored, and decided to have fun with this poem.. thing.. yeahh.. whoever can guess how this was formed.. gets a huge hug c: and if I don't know you.. you get a huge, through the computer hug c:

Loving you is easy.
Leap of faith,
can't buy me love.

All the same;
holding on.
The light in me:
if its love.

Am I ready for love?
Made to love.
Can I have this dance?

through smoke.
If I die young,
ready for you.

On and on,
shine on,
everyday people.
I still believe.

Listen to the sound:
Just might change your life,
stay beautiful.

By your side,
over all the earth.
The way I am,
you have me.

Hip to my heart,
we will run.

Love buzz,
voice of truth.
Never let you go,
you and I.

We fall down.
Hundred more years,
drops of Jupiter.

How great is our God?
Sing, sing, sing.
Awake and alive;
where I belong.

Breaking the noise,
we cry out.
Here comes the sun,
count the shadows.