Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To you, about you, a response to you.. whatever, with a hint of espanol.

Just read your poem,
Can't help but smile,
Like always.
And I notice your words,
They're all so true.
And its funny 'cause,
I always notice,
Everything you do.

The way you walk
The way you smile

Really though,

Why can't what we type,
Ever be transferred into words,
In person.

I want to,
I really do,
But its so hard to just spit it out.
"I love you."
"Je t'aime."
"Te amo."
Me gustaria que sabia lo mucho que te amo.
No. You do know.
We both know.

Even when we ARE alone,
We don't say it,
We barely say anything,
But we stand so close,
And I think to myself,
"I love you, I love you. I want to kiss you. Will I? Yes. No. I won't"
Why 'no I won't'?
Not as bold as you'd think.
We both want to.
Yet still nothing.
Yes, there's something,
There will always be something.
More than something.

I love you.
You love me.
These are things we both already know.
Why is it so hard to say?

Why is a kiss so difficult?
Even when were alone,
Sitting so close,
Looking into eachothers eyes,
I tell myself,
"It's a perfect time, just go in for that
And as I start to possibly lean in,
I turn my head.
C'mon Kylie.

Even though I turn my head,
I don't feel any awkwardness.
Just sitting so close,
With your arm around me,
Or even just holding your hand,
I feel protected, non-awkwardness.
I feel like you're not going to go anywhere.
And I can tell you love me,
Without it being said.

It doesn't need to be said.
It's the simple things that matter.
It's the way you put your arm around me.
The way I catch you glancing my way,
Only 'cause I'm doing the same.
The way those awkward little silences,
Arn't awkward.
The way we've already got ourselves talking about the future, our future,
And I love it.
The way were not "official",
But yet, if someone were to ask me if I was taken,
Is say yes.
Because being in love,
Is more than being "official".
Porque amor es mas importante que nada de eso.

It's kinda funny though,
You say its easier to put things onto paper,
Rather than actually saying it.
That is so true.
I can write all this on paper,
And type it out,
And then I know you're even going to read it.
But say it to your face?

Yeah, right.

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