Friday, August 5, 2011

Jesus Culture Awakening

These past two nights have been.. beyond cool.

At dinner yesterday, a kid that I just met two days ago, told me that he had a 'prophetic word' for me.
He said that before he came to Illinois, he was given the challenge to find someone, and give a prophetic word to them. And he said I stood out to him.

And he said I was wearing red when he met me, and red represents leadership. That I am a leader among friends. And he said he can feel that something amazing is going to happen. Soon.
And him saying that, I was like wow.

And something amazing DID happen.

It all started last night, Reinhard Bonnke was speaking,
And he said some powerful words.
He's done some powerful things.
God used him to see 55 MILLION Africans come to salvation from 2000-2009.

I won't forget any of it,
Especially when he asked whoever hasn't yet been saved, to raise their hand.

I felt like I was the only one in that arena, filled with 15,000 people, who actually raised their hand.

And I know that's probably not true,

But when everyone started praying,
I felt like..
I don't even know how to explain it..
I felt like it was all aimed at me..
And I know that's not true either,
But it just felt..

And then tonight,
I seen magic happen.
So many people in that arena had gotten healed.
It's amazing what God can do.
And during worship tonight, a really strange feeling came on me,
I was looking around at all the people there, worshiping God.
25 minutes of mind-blowing, Jesus-prompted worship without the band.
Screaming, shouting, clapping, and 15,000 voices as one!
It was like, wow, I am so proud to be a part of this,
and the rest of worship, I couldn't help myself from smiling.
And I just had a feeling of love and joy and happiness for God.
It was quite the amazing night.

Although today, my horoscope said " You won't get anywhere today by being shy. If you've got something to say you need to stand your ground, be confident enough to come out say it."
And when I read it, I knew exactly what it was talking about,
And all day today I was thinking about it,
But whenever I had one moment to,
The words, didn't come out
It was God telling me, "It's not the right time. Just hold on, the words will come soon enough."
And that's good enough reason for me.
Maybe tomorrow if I see him..
Or not.

Here I am, rambling,
Anyways, back on track..
As I was walking out of the arena tonight,
I thought of something Reinhard said yesterday,
"Everyone with Jesus, has a flame"
And when I walked out,
I looked around and all I seen was:
15,000 people, with their flames, above their heads.
And it was so.. I don't wanna say weird, but.. it was so weird!
Experiencing something like that..
like, wow.
I felt so good, like, I could cry.

And then when I got home, I looked in the mirror,
And I remembered camp,
And Rob's mirror exercise,
And I looked again,
And I seen a flame,
Above my own head.
And I walked into my room,
And just started crying.
And when I say crying, I mean crying!
Crying for a good half hour straight.
And those of you who know me,
How often do I cry?
But it wasn't a sad cry,
It was a happy-omg-I-love-Jesus-so-much cry.

Tonight, I was saved.

I love Jesus! <3

That is all. C:

Oh and on a completely random, off-topic note, I TOTALLY just seen DAVID TENNANT on a commercial preview for his new movie FRIGHT NIGHT :D

Okay, now that is all. C:


  1. i realized i never commented on this. EEPERS JEEPERS!!! -spastic crazy happy dance- lol yeah. love you kylie. ((:

    i'm so glad we get to be in each other's lives. (:


    ahah, yousa funny (:

    -spastic crazy epic happy telletubby dance-


    love you too! (:(:(:

    i'm super duper glad too ^.^