Saturday, August 20, 2011

Days like today.

Are the best kind of day.
Started with cleaning and my happy music.
And ended with words, fire, and stars.
Words that were once unsaid,
Finally out.
Off of paper,
Into plain spoken word.
And it wasn't even that hard.
They came out so..
Like they're meant to be said,
To that specific person.
I hope he thinks the same thing.
I'm not even afraid to say it anymore.
It's really funny,
Like, it wouldn't come out,
And then when it did,
I felt like some huge weight,
Like a giant squirrel was sitting on my chest,
And then when the words came out,
It jumped off.
And now its like, yay (:
I can't even like think right now..
My mind is everywhere.
So I'm gonna leave you with this i guess..
Here's a really cool picture of fire I took tonight (:

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