Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the way things work out.

"It’s funny the way things work out. You go in search of one thing and end up finding something else. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was the Force at work.” -Han Solo

See now, this is totally true.  Its so funny the way things work out in life. One thing leads to another and it all ends up working out in the end. Although, the end isn't here yet.. it's all working out right now. 

Lemme start at the beginning, well.. not the beginning of life.. but at the beginning of this story.

Living in Michigan, it was awesome.. I had the best friends (at the time), lived near family.. just being a normal, awesome 8th grader.  I'm pretty sure I was in the middle of making summer plans with my best friend Tricia Taylor.. we were best friends since 5th grade.. funny how things work out, look at us now.. not so much best friends anymore. Well, I was making summer plans, and my dad comes in and tells me that we're moving to Illinois. ohjoy.

You have no idea how upset I was at that moment.. that moment? heck, I was upset the rest of my 8th grade year.  Before moving, I went through a really bad stage. I was getting into a lot of trouble, making some mistakes that I now regret.. I was doing all of this because I was mad. I was mad at my parents, I was mad at my dad's workplace, I was mad at life in general. Then I got the thought, "why am I being so selfish, I might like it there."

We ended up moving to one of the Chicago suburbs called Westmont. I lived right by my middle school, which was convenient.  I made friends right away, some I still have now. I was still really upset about having to leave my old life behind, but I eventually got over it. The only hard part was leaving my old school in the middle of 8th grade year.. I missed everything.. Cedar Point with my friends, dinner dance, graduation. I mean, yeah I got to go to 6 Flags with my new friends, dinner dance with new friends, and graduation with my new friends.. but it just wasn't the same, ya know?

Well finally summer came around.. then freshman year.. 

During that time, I had been picking and choosing the wrong friends, making bad decisions.. I never really thought about my actions.. and I didn't really care.. One day, I was rambling to one of my friends Darius Missel about this, and he suggested I should come to his church with him one day. And I was thinking to myself.. "Are you kidding me? A church? RIghhhtt.." I ended up going anyways jut to check it out.. I definitely needed this. I became so into going to this youth group for a while. I was realizing that these are the people I should be hanging out with. On the other hand, I was really self-conscious about what others thought about me.. So since the friends that brought me to this church, stopped coming.. I stopped going for a while.. But then it hit me during my sophomore year, there were people that go there that mean a lot to me.. I was having a lot better of a life while there.. I was happy there. So obviously, I started going again.

Every Wednesday and Sunday night consisted of me going to this youth group. I was becoming really close with everyone there. I knew I could talk to anyone there without them judging me or anything and I loved it. I STILL love it! I ended up going so much, they invited me to camp! 

(I'm not going to go into detail with this, because I already did with the previous post.(; )

But anyways, I ended up definitely falling for someone from this youth group. And everything is [hopefully] going to work out. (here's his blog (: )

So isn't that funny how it all worked out?

 If it wasn't for my dad's job, we wouldn't have had to leave,
If I wouldn't of moved, I would never have met Darius,
If I never met Darius I wouldn't have gotten invited to this church,
If I had never made the mistakes I made, I wouldn't have gone to the church,
If I didn't ever go to the church, I wouldn't have made such great friends,
If I didn't make these friends, I wouldn't have talked to this person,
If I never talked to this person... Nothing would be the same as it is right now :)

So it's really kind of crazy how God does these things,

It's kind of amazing how everything works out.

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