Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sweet summertime.

Alright guys, so summertime is almost over.. so this is where I'm going to rant about my summertime experiences.. one in particular is going to be quite long

summer so far has been pretty wonderful.

there is just something about summertime that makes anything seem possible and everything seem a little bit more special.

like crazy adventures through the mall and the woods with some wonderful people.

And like late nights on the patio with my beautiful friends. it may just be a 8 by 10 slab of concrete with neighbors 2 feet away but i love that little patio.

And having my family at my house for the first time. it was kinda cool having a bunch people in my house, including a whole bunch of little children. I would usually say something like that would totally annoy me, but it was actually nice.

and watching the rain fall on my window at midnight. although we did lose power for an entire day and so therefore had no phone/computer or any electronic device of any kind, that's alright.. sometimes ;)

And being able to spend so much time with my favorite people, my youth group. this is what this story is about, this summer, I got to have the most amazing experience of my life with them. We were able to have a drive down to Tennessee this summer to a camp called FUGE camps. We went to the centrifuge. It's a camp that is totally focused around God. Most people would say something like "church camp? hahahahah." But it was honestly so awesome.

 During my time there I've made several quite important realizations. I'll be telling you allll about those.

 When we first got there, it seemed like no one wanted to be there. Everyone had a lot going on, drama was going over board, and people were sick. I tried my best not to get sucked into any of the drama (success!) And I was hoping everyone would begin to feel better. (They did!)

Anywhoo, the first night we got there, I thought to myself, oh wow this is just gonna be all fun and games and I'm not gonna learn anything.. I was wrong :) the first day we were basically just introduced into camp and put into our bible study groups. These were groups we were placed into by age/grade.. that was kind of scary for me. Not because I'm not a people person, because I am, but more because I was like oh geez, were at a church camp.. at that time, I really honestly had no relationship with God or anything.. I was mainly there just to be with people and to get away from home.. so anyways I was freaking out at first because I was thinking that everyone else was gonna be so knowledgeable about it all and I was gonna be the only one like D: .. that's not how it went down at all.

1st realization: there are a lot of people out there who don't have a relationship with God, like I WAS, and just need that little push to get to know him.

The second day was when the serious stuff started to go down. The mornings always consisted of us going to eat with our church, doing quiet time, and going to the am show. Quiet time was actually really cool. They had these little books that we had to fill out. I really liked them because the things we had to do in them were really easy to understand, even for me. They actually made me think about things that really helped. After that, we had rec with our bible study groups which is basically where we did activities with them and everything we did had something to do with our walk with God which was really cool. The theme of this day was 'relating to those who are lost'. I really didn't show it, but during worship and church group devo, it really hit me. I was lost, I knew I needed to find my place with God.

2nd realization: I was lost, I didn't have a relationship with God and I knew that needed to change.

The third day is the day that made me just completely break down. The whole morning went like the day before and it was all good. We were starting to build amazing friendships and things were just going great. Then it came to worship. The theme was 'relating to those in authority'. This topic really hit home for me. I've never had a good relationship with my parents. Its always just been complete chaos in my house and we never got along. During worship, I learned that although i may disagree with some of the things my parents do or say, they do it out of love. And its always for a reason. I learned that in the bible, it says children should obey their parents without hesitation. That's something that I knew needed to change, and definitely has since then. Well, I've been trying my best. But this day, during church group devotion, we all had a really hard time keeping ourselves together. This was the first time I've ever cried in front of anyone or even opened up. Because that's something that's really hard for me. But I opened up and told them everything that I was feeling. How I was scared about where my life was headed, and how I needed help finding my place with God. They were all so helpful and I love them all so much.

3rd realization: My youth group is so amazing. I have all the trust in the world for all of them. I know they're always gonna be there for me no matter what.

That day was also my 4th realization.

4th realization: My relationship with God had definitely gone somewhere. I had a long talk with my youth leader, Rob, and he helped me understand that there's really not much to getting saved, its just you have to have the commitment and will to give yourself up to Him.

On to day four. Well.. this day was.. interesting.. the topic was 'relating to family and friends' but it was mainly relationships.. I got the chance to have a long walk and talk with my other youth leader, Renee. I had questions about this topic that she definitely helped answer. I don't really have much to say about this day. Other than from me and Renee's conversation and the teaching, I definitely made a huge realization.

5th realization: (this is DEFINITELY going to be awkward because the person this is about is probably going to read this....) that day, I realized.. I definitely more than possibly, am in love, and that's all there is to it. Yup. I said it. Awesome. Here's his blog (:

Anyways, day 5 hit home too.. but I didn't really show it. It was 'relating to those who have hurt you'. Boy oh boy have I been hurt in every way possible. If I go into detail I might start crying, so I won't. But basically we all learned a lot that day. The whole point of this day was to forgive. The devil is always going to try and bring you down, but you can't let him get to you. As my friend Yazii (here's  her blog, it's really good :) )puts it "its like dang were fighting evil Dx.. but then its also like were fighhhhting evil! :D "

6th realization: to forgive and forget is the greatest thing you can do.

So when the last day came around, we were all soooo sad. We made so many amazing friendships throughout the week. That week was a crazy rollercoaster ride, but in the end it all came out good. The main theme of the whole camp was CONNECT. And this is so true!! I CONNECTED and became so in touch with God and now he's number one in my life. All these realizations in my life that I've made have me so much happier then I was before. If it wasn't for camp, is still be the person I was before. And as the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Relient K say.. "who I am hates who I've been"

I'm really hoping to expand my relationship with God even more and my relationship with my parents and other people.

i have lots of things to be thankful for this summer. Hopefully the rest of it is just as amazing.

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  1. I love you more than anything in the whole Universe......! Always have and always will