Monday, July 25, 2011


 "Well at night I watch the sky to find a shooting star. If that's what I have to do to be right where you are. Whoa-- oh oh oh oh. Whoa-- oh oh oh oh oh. You love fairytales and the thought of growing old. And we'll have a happy life that's how our story goes. So I might be what your looking for."- Chris August, Campfire Song.

This all came about while talking last night to Jeremiah, 
I think that's the first time I actually said his name on here :)
Here's his blog, if you're interested,
its good :)

Has anyone else ever gone into crazy future mapping mode?
I have.

Mapping out my future.

Falling Fell in love.
this can be crossed of the list, 
it's here, and will be in the future as well (;
With the same person as right now.

My wedding.
i can see it now, 
not the biggest wedding,
yet not the tiniest,
just filled with close friends and family.
not to mention, he'll be there (: [obviously]
and he won't be sleep-walking through it.
A ceremony which consists of processional
the kiss,
and recessional,
with very little in the way of readings, songs, and other "little extras."

Who it's with.
hmm, I wonder, (;

Where it'll be.
somewhere pretty, 
flowers, maybe
I'm thinking outdoors, 
I like love being outside.
I don't need a fancy reception, 
to me it is stuffy, unnecessarily costly, and not as fun. 
i just want to celebrate getting married and bringing our families together, 

Where we'll live,
Gorgeous, wonderful, England.
I think we'll fit in well there.
He's somewhat of an anglophile.
That's alright though :)

What will I do?
In life? hmph,
don't ask me. 
I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life at the moment,
hopefully something musical,
or artistic,
whatever it is..
no China.
And no softball. ;)

What will he do?
Probably Most likely something that has to do with writing,
he's an amazing writer.
Like, forreals.
Writer/Actor (if he can act ;) ) for Doctor Who?
I'll act alongside as his companion;)

How we will spend our Friday afternoons.
just sitting, outside, looking at stars, drinking tea.
*seeing shooting stars,
not wishing for anything 
because wishes would not be necessary.*
Everything I want would be right there, 
with his arm around me.
That's why lately I haven't had any wishes,
I'm completely happy with life
right now. 
*and we'd watch doctor who... 
and sleep on the couch we'd be sitting on,
due to temporary fear of shadows.*
*...* = not my words, but completely true.
glad we're on the same page (: 

 There's so many other question's that I can't even begin to answer,

What will make me laugh?
What will I be most grateful for?
Will I have a family? 

How will I make a difference in this world?
All in all,
A pretty solid future, I must say.

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